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We have sent a kind requirements booklet on ABAS and Roth and then decided on this basis for ABAS.” Almost nothing and yet much was possible “our first appointment with ABAS we had in October 1986, so almost three years after our tender. We took advantage of our specification as the basis for collaborative work. We have gone through point by point. Almost everything that we needed had to be redesigned. It was a time of upheaval, the changeover from typewriters to computer. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Red Solo Cups. I took over the company of my mom just as “young head” and had to enforce me for many long-established employees with my new-fangled approaches such as the introduction of a computer.

An employee wanted to quit even if the computer come. After the first contact in the fall of 1986 the initial installation was carried out in next January. We increased our customer base and mailed first invoices. However, everything else needed time. Even though we sometimes had the impression during the development of the programme, that we never reach the endpoint, we felt in good hands at ABAS. Our requirements and ideas flowed in the software with a. In July 1992 ABAS, we confirmed that everything was set up and implemented.

Five and a half years is a long time by today’s standards, but, as I said, it was a time of construction, the solutions were new and everything had to be developed.” An inspiring synergy: ABAS and its customers “ABAS has grown in recent years with the customers and the customers with ABAS.” I have always appreciated this approach at ABAS. We ourselves, the Heless GmbH, had a quiet growth compared with ABAS rather and drove well. ABAS is part of our House, and we trust them and that now for over 20 years. I go regularly to the customer days, to inform me about innovations.

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