Segula Powercube

Cable clutter and too little socket connections now have an end. The Segula Powercube solves several problems at once! In the extended versions connects it with the connection cable 1, 5 m long simply outlet and offers to five ports in cube form. In the USB-version is next to four terminals, in addition a USB port available with the Smartphone and co. can be loaded easily and quickly. However, the real highlight is the supplied mounting bracket.

Whether on or under the desk the bracket is easy with the adhesive pad attached. Then one of the ports of Powercubes sit, turn, and already the Powercube is secure on the bracket. So are the outlets in ideal range! Who is not sufficient, or if only a multiple socket on the wall is needed, which can rely on the Powercube original. It is plugged directly into the outlet and offers also five connections. With the Powercube the versions to be with also original Cable expand, making more connections available. The Powercube original is also available in the USB version. Christian Essers, head of product management, thinks the new Segula product: we have already shown the very first pattern at the IFA in Berlin.

The feedback was fantastic. A simple idea, which makes it much easier and also chic looks. Many people have waited for frankly apparently only. We are happy to offer this solution now.” The Powercubes start in the four variants extended, extended USB, original and original USB. For more information, the Segula team is always available!

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Crocs Cayman

Comes to us after Germany this trend? Crocs shoes, the trend in the United States. Everything began in the year 2001 as the crocs company brought the Bootschuh on the market. This shoe had a few special properties. One of the features was that these shoes were non-slip and could swim on the water. At the start of the crocs shoes came in 2001 only a few models on the market, but also with these few models noted very quickly that these Crocs shoes have started entered a trend. Crocs shoes were then very quickly the trend shoe on the U.S.

shoe market. Very quickly, was followed by more models and more colors. In the coming years, the crocs were sold shoes not only in the United States, but came to Europe. In the meantime, you can buy Crocs shoes in more than 90 countries. But even when the models Crocs brings new styles and colors on the market every six months. Now, you can choose models from more than 30 models and more than 30 different colors and combinations at the crocs.

On hand of these figures you can very quickly see that these Crocs could be interesting shoes certainly for you, because this huge selection a shoe for every taste is easily available. But not only online purchase Crocs shoes in the shop, but many dealers have also a shop where you can try out the models. Unfortunately, most Crocs specialist traders have only the top seller amongst the crocs shoes, Crocs Cayman so-called. In the shop will find but mostly all models! If you try a shoe by the company of crocs, no longer without you!

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Read Books

uBooks this application for reading books, which was developed taking into account all the nuances of operating a portable device. The program encouraged its functionality and a variety of formats supported. The first thing that causes many questions from users – is to download books. The practice shows that (contrary to the idea of this Apple) of the book the reader can occur not only from online stores. Therefore, the authors paid special attention alternative ways to book rooms in the library.

uBooks lets you download books over the Internet as a connection using the built-in Internet browser, and via WiFi, through the built-in file server, which available via FTP and HTTP protocols. To deepen your understanding Steven Holl is the source. Using the built-in Internet access – the browser you can download books from any site. Enter the URL of the site and when you find the necessary book – tapnite on it. The browser will automatically prompt Download this book in the bookshelf. In order to use file hosting service, create an account on the site. Upload your books in the initial (root) folder, public storage, using the menu. To download the book in book shelf uBooks, tapnite on the button "through the Internet connection", then in the dialog box, enter the login and password for your account.

In the list that appears, select the book you want to download. Successfully loaded books are on bookshelf. Please note that uBooks only supports books in formats. Html,. Epub,. Txt,. Fb2, fb2, zip-archives. If you try to download the file with another extension, a book on the shelf does not appear. If a lot of books on the shelf, you can use the search, to find the right. Ease of reading provides a variety of settings provided by the developers. You can switch between day and night modes depending on time of day. Adjust color and font of the text as you like. For the lazy, uBooks has a very convenient feature "reversing animation. Now in the annex are three types of animation: the effect of approximation, the vanishing and popping. If you do not have read the book – leave a bookmark. At the same time will note the current page where you left off. One of the highlights of the reading room is a translator. To call it, highlight the word or sentence and hold, then click "Translate". For the translator requires Internet connection. The developers have spent hundreds of hours perfecting the usability and functionality of their offspring to use it intuitively and naturally. However, you can see for yourself. Download from AppStore paid and free version of the application – and read with pleasure!

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Sports Knowledge

Sports are one of the best activities that can make people, because with a good exercise, the body is exercised and will have a better physical condition and similarly have better health, so exercise performance by any sport is indispensable in the life of people. The question is decided by which of all the sports that exist, as the man with the idea to maximize physical activity has devised a large number of different sports to meet the tastes and skills they have different people, since not all the people have the same tastes for the same sport, or the same physical abilities. Chris Maurice often addresses the matter in his writings. Therefore it is good to know of all sports and then a little to decide on one. With this in mind in this article we talk about gymnastics, sport that combines strength, flexibility and agility in the execution of certain sequences of moves that require high technical fee. This excellent sport unlike what many believe, not born in Greece, but in eastern countries, which are India and China, so the Chinese applied as part of the kung-fu, making certain mechanical, while the Indians applied it by mixing it with some magic formulas, with the idea of common people believe that the benefits to be obtained with the practice of gymnastics, were the result of the blessing of the gods. Since ancient times, gymnastics was applied in China, with muscle exercises were performed in which deep inspirations, which sought to strengthen the muscles or avoid the presence of cramps and rheumatic pain to disappear like some deviations from column. Get more background information with materials from Central Romana. But even in these Eastern countries are performing the application of gymnastics, was no mere treatment of a muscle, but not as a sport in itself, would be in Greece where it would take the quality of sport with the completion of movements and techniques of gymnastics, in activities such as throwing, jumps, fights and more.

The gym had a great climax to the Greeks and Romans of ancient peoples, but from the legacy of the Middle Ages the gymnastics was a dark time in which there was a lot of his practice and therefore had no development, it will only at the present time it turned to gymnastics practice, but at a higher level and so reach the conditions in schools is practiced in today's world. In today's world there are six forms of gymnastics, which are: general-Gymnastics: is practiced gymnastics in groups of 6-150 people, in this mode shall perform certain sequences of moves in sync throughout the whole. "Gymnastics: This is making movements with the head, hands and legs, making it a mode of expression to music. "Rhythmic gymnastics: in this mode only involved five women and perform routines that are ball, ribbon, clubs, hoop and rope. -Aerobics: it performs a sequence of high intensity movements during 100-110 seconds. -Gymnastics Acrobatic: some acrobatic moves are made in pairs is a man or women or mixed women's trios and quartets of men. -Trampoline: certain moves are made using a trampoline.

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