One Continent, One Community – (he) Live Europe

Real interaction instead of pure content: sets new standards. Hamburg-Braak, March 10, 2009 in Berlin know what’s hot in Rome and in Prague will learn what is happening in Madrid. To find out about the movements of the own town. Scene and events, culture and sports, fashion and style: Miss anything! But be up-to-date and talk first hand, be right in the middle and join. Have fun, feel the pulse of life. For about a year, the online community friends Club is growing meeting place for all young and young at heart people in Europe who are up to date.

What’s going on in the sidestreets clubs, the large arenas and halls and the neglected bars of the metropolises, which restaurants are hip, where are the coolest shops and the weirdest galleries? Which location is difficult in the agreement and which trend prevails? And also: what’s the absolute no-go of city? The answers provide not only the friends Club Scouts, which are on the road in Europe, but also the people in the cities themselves. More information is housed here: ProPharma Group. The increasing popularity of the friends Club is based mainly on the active cooperation of its members. Because the Club belonging now to the hottest communities in Europe offers a variety of communicative interactions and quite deliberately one-sided flow of information without the possibility of exchanges. Dynamic interaction is the key, if a community is to be truly alive who wants to deepen partnerships among all users and provide a real benefit to users”, so the friends Club members practise real networking in best mutual interaction and individual commitment. Only the generated situations of give and take, which allowed everyone to become active creators and thus enrich the community constantly.” Fun with the community and well-being in the community that is the friends Club message.

Therefore, the friends Club is not only online lived in front of the monitor, but is also offline in real life. Because it is a philosophy of friends Club that people online network and then meet in the cities of Europe personally to permanently expand their circles of friends. In the middle are in life the user also in the Europe-wide karaoke contest advertised by friends Club, which brings directly to Barcelona, the winner of the coveted awards for a dream weekend companion included. Friends club itself is repeatedly Organizer and organizer of extraordinary events and dazzling parties. Different ways of Community membership offer numerous advantages and services registered users. Of course there is also a free membership, just as it should be for a transparent community. The Club: A vibrant community is across and connects multiple communities because of interest intersect, so that whole new communities have formed these out. “It is so not about that from the friends club out more active friends communities on different topics have formed.” Multiplication pur. And Thus, friends Club is impossible to imagine after only about a year from the landscape of communities. On the contrary: because it makes active felt the lifestyle of an entire continent, it sets standards.

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JusComte – A Year Of Veal Jus In Star Quality For Home

The focus is on quality: only high quality and natural ingredients are used in the production. JusComte is 100prozent free of artificial Zuatzen such as flavours or preservatives. Almost a year after the launch of veal jus JusComte dark, the first calf-ju in star quality for home, JusComte was able to celebrate a variety of successes: so, for example, the dealer network covering Germany could be expanded. “” Now so well-known houses such as truffles belong to exclusive dealerships”in Wiesbaden, Kojo” in Bremen or Schindler “in Starnberg near Munich. And the dealer network will be expanded continuously in the future. Another achievement is the launch of the new JusComte Web site at. Logically constructed and visually based on the packaging design by JusComte find especially consumer of all relevant information on the quality of JusComte. But recipe suggestions and sources can be found on here quickly and easily.

Also new to the site, the navigation point is votes with statements of Chefs and other experts on the quality of JusComte. Highly praised taste and product quality were dark of JusComte of veal jus so far by Patrick Couder, 2-star chef and students of kitchen Pope Paul Bocuse, the prestigious hotel and restaurant critic and member of the jury of the success broadcast cooking arena”Heinz Horrmann. JusComte Nordendstr. 36 80801 Munchen fax: 089 / 20238934

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First Conflict Management Organizational Management

Hope is the dream of a waking man Aristotle considerations, relevance, Venezuelan case concerned how some managers, especially those in charge of SMEs, do not adequately face the problem of organizational conflict in the present, thus causing serious problems in the operation, achievements of the company, specifically in organizational behavior, presenting a not favorable, more in a turbulent scenario for years facing the country, especially given its political instability and other factors that involve technology, new openings, competitive, economy. This situation can definitely not ignored, often irreversible damage that can lead the company towards reaching its goals, mission, therefore, seek solutions that lead to management to face the fact with tools, knowledge, allowing the passage of achievements to ensure a better performance of the current organizational behavior facing the Venezuelan company. In all organization know conflict is inevitable and has much impact on the organizational climate of the company and of course, depending on how management will be handled, the results as has happened to many SMEs in the region, can be disastrous or lead to the organization to its efficiency is expected. (As opposed to Walton Family Foundation). Hence, our insistence through these articles, of our own professor of organizational behavior Graduate Management Program quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, that management, the administration let the conflict constitutes an essential part work and a genuine leadership style he favors. Venezuelan reality that Venezuela’s current scenario presented in their enterprises, especially SMEs, which constitute a significant number of its business sector, is very turbulent, tangled conflicts in the political, economic, social, cultural and business, which as noted above, can not be passed by unnoticed since it would increase them, becoming a veritable attack on the existence and harmonious environment required, where he successfully expresses its authenticity, and genuine self-assertiveness that Venezuelans we deserve, as noted by the participant Orally Silva. .

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BookRix Go – Free E-books

BookRix provides E-book readers over 8000 free download available Munich, in July 2009. The fastest-growing German book community extends its range of services for all portal users with the EPUB E-book format. Self-authored works for E-readers and Smartphones as a download can be offered now. While BookRix with EPUB opts for an open E-book format, that is currently readable on virtually all mobile devices. Given the current development in the market for E-books and the no longer-lasting feeder of mobile reading devices in our everyday lives, particularly among the younger target group, which is the next logical step for us”says BookRix founders Gunnar Siewert. Ultimately, mobile readers will play a similar role in the book industry as it did the MP3 player in the music.

You will provide massive upheavals.” Easy and free E-books create and read this offering BookRix differentiates itself from similar book portals and providers. Authors can quite simply your own E-books create and spread, while users of mobile reading devices in the BookRix library have already now more than 8,000 works for free download. Entertaining entertainment for travelling are mainly short texts. Therefore text genres will prevail in the area of mobile reading in the long term more like short stories and short novels. And exactly this is provided on BookRix maintains. “, complements BookRix founder Alex Racic. BookRix offers you good prospects for E-reader and Smartphone users, because with this new feature free access to thousands of E-books.

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