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Study on violence against children in religious families children is forbidden in Germany. The education criminalises the civil code with hand, belt, cane, etc since 1998 explicitly. Only since 1998, one must emphasize. A fundamental “right to non-violent education” put the legislature throughout the year 2000, the “physical punishment, psychological injuries and other degrading measures” declared inadmissible. The beating of children as an educational measure is however by no means disappeared from German families, according to a recent, large-scale study of the criminological research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN) with 50,000 respondents. One of the clearest links, which revealed the study on violence against children in education here, is the correlation between parental violence and religiosity.

Religious parents beating their children more often children of Protestant parents are therefore more often beaten, ever more important the parents their religion for the Judge education. It is vice versa Interestingly at Catholic parents; There is: the pious, the less violence. The risk for a beating education in families with Evangelical Free Church commitment is clearly the highest. Every fifth (!) Child experienced massive mistreatment by his guardian spirit-filled especially pious, free church homes. There are real instructions to children look in numerous Evangelical distinct education advisor for God’s sake, as evidenced by a new study from the Switzerland.

“These guides circulate in considerable quantities in free municipal circles and the authors give – despite their books now even officially – indexed in part cross by the German Bible Belt” cheerful education seminars. “As you get used to a boy” tasting compliant? “When it’s time to apply the rod, breathe deeply, relax, pray: ‘Lord, that will let a valuable lesson.'” If you must sit on the child. Do not hesitate to spank it, then. And as long as keep it in this position until it gave up.” Who has seen Michael Haneke film “The White Ribbon”, these instructions are known which. This transfigured unpleasantness is taken from the significantly titled book “how you get used to a boy” by Michael and Debi Pearl – how many relevant guides it comes from the United States. We have need to defend ourselves in reading a text long not so against the vomiting, as in this case and save you more quotes. Gottgewollter love the rod children look as gottgewollter labor of love. Who believes that Islam is misanthropic, may consider please a moment, who sits here in the glass house. “If it breaks so the will of the child, then to create willing tools.”, commented the Gottinger neuroscientist Gerald Huther systematic mistreatment in the religious cloak. This should be pretty much the purpose of the exercise. “It cannot surely be / that you you let it / to believe yours” Gods who forgive n ‘ e”rhymed rapper”Nosliw”once. Given parents beating their children, that their power fantasies live out with celestial assistance at the expense of the bodies and souls of their wards, we hope then yet again on the existence of a God. May he or she take on the sins of the parents: in the best traditions of old testament eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

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Savater Ethics

Three different things are learning ethics, teach it and live it. Learn it, such as learning throughout history, have been understood is relatively simple. Simple, I say, if it were of acquiring information and knowledge and only reach a.m. A more complex process is to teach others. Someone was coming is him that it was possible to convert the ethics in a subject and since then it included in the academic programs of institutions dedicated to training new professionals. You assume that in a semester, generally the last, the next student to be linked to professional life, must be prepared so that serve as a reliable person for your employer, your colleagues and society. Whenever Walton Family Foundation listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Difficult it is to construct a scale of values and build an ethical but more difficult lifestyle still is to ensure that others, in this case the disciples, also have a scale of values adjusted to social, legal and regulatory requirements and, is clear, a style of life that the do gain confidence to people and institutions. Those who assumed the commitment to teach ethics will arrive sooner or later concluded that have a huge responsibility with their students; a huge commitment with the country; an and a duty to delicate and Supreme with the community.

Between its obligations you will have all of a teacher, but in addition it is desirable to assume at least two others: preaching through example and prove that theirs is not the most boring, dull and unnecessary for few subjects exist in the curriculum. Let’s firstly the good example. The best preacher, we already know it is the personal example and the way of live, Act, do, and feel. And not just at a stage of life but all the time. Professor of ethics may use the newest tools; implement more sophisticated instruments and go to the most suitable didactic techniques but the beginning and the end of its work will always by the testimony that give their acts and the example that will be able to through their behavior. Continue to learn more with: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. On the other hand the intrepid teacher, as well as teach philosophical ethics component and lead to the boy in her charge to the fruition of the reliability, looks devoted to changing the image that study area has had among those who considered it so monotonous that, they pose, they will have therein a treatment for own insomnia and that of their peers. And, in case outside little, he must contend with those who are convinced that ethics is a fill and a distractor that depart the attention of specific areas of study.

Fernando Savater, in his book ethics for Amador tells us that ethics is not a manual of what should not be done. No more was missing; in a book where the central idea is freedom, ethics cannot be converted in a constraint to free choice and performance of people and less than those who are trying to gain a free and real encounter with its own history and destiny. Ethics cannot be a continuous accumulation of data and knowledge. It is, instead, a form life in B.c. and the now. An orientation to make correct decisions when the calm waters lead us peacefully by the chosen route or the adverse and turbulent sea threatens to take us to the bottom. Or, simply when the sensual and seductive temptation threat appears before us. In all cases the ethics will be a good counselor. Hence the need to regard it as a subject for life.

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