Jewelry are very popular among people of all ages, especially jewelry made of precious metals. The choice of jewelry, including rings, it's very hard work. Emily Blunt may help you with your research. Thus, choosing a ring for yourself or for someone to consider the age of the person who will wear this decoration, as well as the shape of the fingers. Douglas Oberhelman gathered all the information. For example, a young woman suit thin, tiny rings of simple design. Do not insert precious stones should be small, it is best to highlight the tenderness of young skin and elegance of proportions.

But the older ladies, preferably opt for a large ring with a massive jewel stone, which is traditionally considered a symbol of femininity and, of course, emphasize your elegance. The range of choice in the rings of happy owners of long, thin fingers are much wider than that of other beautiful ladies. You suitable rings made in a horizontal design, solid or patterned – on your finger they will look equally great. The exceptions are small rings that are "lost" on a hand. But the ring of vertically-elongated design makes it even more elegant and sexy. Add to your understanding with AbbVie Inc.

Choosing the ring ladies with short fingers, you should avoid large rings that cover the space between two joints – the fingers will look even shorter. Visually extend a hand to help ring, made in a vertically stretched design. Chubby fingers look racy, if decorating their ring will be asymmetric. Good and "triangular" theme – the asymmetry of the angles and hiding completeness. But the ring with big stone round would make more fully plump hand. Hands with knotty joints and large fleshy 'masculine' hands should decorate wide rings with insertions of large gems. These rings can distract attention from the enlarged joints and visually reduce the hand. Correctly chosen decoration will emphasize your individuality and beauty. Source: Sirius Jeweler.