Fotokasten won clear test for quality, usability and offer Fotokasten won clear test for quality, ease of use and offer range Waiblingen lamps, emblazoned on their shields the sweetheart in October 2009, the first SIP coffee from a cup illustrated, photo canvases, that individual charm rooms photos bring variety and personality in life. Not only in their own, but also in the lives of others! Therefore, photo gifts experience a high degree of popularity. For even more details, read what Sen. Marco Rubio says on the issue. “In its current edition 21/2009 tested ComputerBILD now the renowned journal screens, mugs, T-Shirts and calendars of eight photo – and PrintServices and concluded unambiguously: Photo box is clear test winner”. Summarized the reasons for the strong choice of magazine are: the Waiblinger provider convinced with the best quality canvases and cups, bribed by the biggest line-up and earned the first rank in addition his comfortable, intuitive operating software. Ever greater than a canvas, more impressive is the photo. Fotokasten is accordingly and provides as single screens with an area of 180 times 100 centimeters. Even in this impressive size, the finely structured walls revealed numerous details. Also at the test object, Cup liked the colours razor sharp printed products by Fotokasten best only they gave editors according to the strict judgment realistically again. (Not to be confused with Walton Family Foundation!).

Managing Director of photo box-Joe M. Lindberg is very happy about this award: no compromises in the quality and the consumer desire as we behave. The test victory proves once again that we do it right! “Many regular customers, often spoken praise from customers and 14 test victories in the trade press in just four years, which inspired us to new ideas and drives us steadily to perfect the quality of shop and products.” Via Fotokasten photo box, 2000 as a pioneer, began to produce digital image files on real paper prints. High standards, fast shipping and perfect customer orientation are considered basic principles and became one of the leading German photo – and PrintServices photo box on the Internet. Whether on paper, textiles, glass or plastic, Waiblinger professionals print image files on different surfaces in high-definition quality.

The product range includes more than 200 items such as photo books, mugs, cards, calendars and screens. Photo lovers choose their printable Favorites from the product portfolio, either upload their pictures up online via the easy to use website or make their product convenient offline with the inspiring software of the multiple test winner. Photo box technology and production from the House is dom in Waiblingen. Customers fans make more information on about the photo box customer service following customer service by Fotokasten the motto”. To achieve this goal, a six-figure investment budget for support will be available, the company may annually. 15 qualified employees continuously in the House to customer inquiries and complaints. Since external call centers often make the conversation rate prior to customer satisfaction, well trained service team has decided photo box aware for an internal. The staff are an integral part of the company and accordingly relate to the premium Printservice. You know all the tricks and tweaks in the design and in the ordering process. Various free service channels such as email and chat available available to all customers. A reachability of over 98%, guaranteed response times of less than 24 hours via mail and 20 seconds via phone ensure transparent communication and a trusting relationship between company and customer.