Only the implantology is now so advanced, that risks can be avoided (up on a minimal residual risk). So 3D images of the jaw can be produced, for example, using a Volumentomographs, millimeter to allow the insertion of the implant. In addition, an Implantologist with the new procedure almost or entirely without a surgical cut can work so that largely avoided pain and swelling after surgery. The risk of inflammation can be minimized if gums and teeth before inserting the implant are healthy! So, no periodontal disease, no carious teeth and no bacteria stove should exist. Be implanted must be only a healthy mouth! In implantology risk groups, where in the run-up to the decision to implant well are must be weighed, because otherwise actually, there is a risk of a Implant loss threatens.

Heavy smokers are among this risk group. Patients with diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) is also affected when they were previously not well adjusted. At the time of implant surgery neither serious metabolic diseases, even severe coronary heart disease must be also and also the bone available must be sufficient (5 mm wide and 8 mm high). What we matter at the next aspect of bone transplantation”, would be. Read more here: Steven Holl. First of all to counteract the many concerns: a bone transplant for planting an implant is not always necessary! Only if there aren’t enough own bone volume, bone must be installed first.

To do this, there are several ways. To populate a small deficit of bone replacement materials. Only at big bone deficit is through the removal of body tissue from the lower jaw, Chin or wisdom tooth area or from the iliac crest. A conclusion: An implant is of high quality and currently best dentures, the one a patient can recommend. “However, should prior to and during surgery all possible risks reduced to a minimum, to it the patient as comfortable” as possible. Even after the intervention patience is asked from patient’s side since the artificial tooth root”several months to heal up until the final Crown is placed. But is only over the whole procedure, the patient will be rewarded with a new tooth, acting like a natural tooth and one benefited from the long! Dr. med. Dent. Hubert Litter (master of science of implantology, master of science in aesthetic and Reconstructive dentistry)