It is likely that simply can not refuse. Why? Yes, because if you so often and need to be in Lithuania – makes a residence permit for this because there is a law! And other such cases. Credit: Eric Corey Freed-2011. So, before you wonder in failure – think, may your plans for the visit of Lithuania were not so very pure and sincere and had under a lot of other korostnyh goals … In any case, you have the right to re-apply, and most importantly do not hesitate to communicate with someone who accepts the documents … preferably without claims, but insisted … Looks like a standard Schengen visa, perhaps, known to many … But what a permit is (so-called residence permit) in the material a real sense of the word? – Simple Plastic cards, the size of your credit card.

Almost one to one identification card of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, only a different color. Contains the data on your name, surname, date of the card and date of issue, assigned you a unique number in Lithuania (personal identification number), card number, your citizenship, the body which issued the document. Simple and multifunctional. What does it offer? – The right to employment and social programs, unlimited number of entries and departures during the year without additional permission, the free open accounts and obtain credit, purchase and registration of vehicles, maintenance of legal activities, receive formations, etc. In general, almost all civil rights except the right to vote, Lithuania, and (if you're a temporary resident) purchase of land in Lithuania (the latter until 2013, then may be revised).