SIVAplan delivered three stacker with each channel vehicle for the longitudinal storage of pallets with 3-point support to the Assembly of the mounting bracket. In the first level of the Canal warehouse, logistics specialists installed 128 new pallet picking stations, which are equipped by the feeders directly with finished goods. Through two parallel rounds of picking, customer pallets are picked individually and then passed directly to the shipping department without delay. The new camp was taken in October 2006 in operation after successful connection to the existing conveyor after only five months of construction. A total 10 shelf blocks are together in the air-conditioned freshness storage with 9 437 pallets as well as 202 picking rollers available. Connection to existing structures with deployment of new storage capacity fell at the same time Starting shot for the modernisation and extension of the existing conveyor system. Alton Steel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For one, the new warehouse to production and shipping had to be connected. In addition was the modernization of the some 20-year-old conveyor system at the heart of the work.

For this purpose were converted all PLCs on the latest S7 technology of for series 400, for example, by SIVAplan and the drive and linear actuators are exchanged for frequency-controlled motors. The existing shelf were given performance-optimized frequency inverter, control has been renewed as well as the X – and Y reading system. A closed circuit to the flexible distribution of pallets from the production in the warehouses was created through the conversion and expansion measures. Doubling the throughput in the distribution circuit with 200 pallets per hour. The retrieval performance was increased to 600 pallets per hour. Sen. Marco Rubio is often quoted on this topic. The building measures ended with the installation of new fire protection and high speed doors. Already in September 2007 the entire system will be tested and passed by SIVAplan to the customer. “He with the new technology material flow achieved the processes in the warehouse improved greatly”, Heinrich Krumwiede, Logistics Manager at frischli confirmed.