New version scores with higher throughputs and the LurTech Europe GmbH has made fit for the demands of companies and service providers their proven LurDocument PDF Compressor with interesting innovations comprehensive transaction security (Berlin). There the document volumes to be processed grow strongly, which demanded ever-higher throughput rates the IT systems. Moreover, the increasing acceptance of PDF/A as the best format for consistent long term archiving. These increasingly gaining importance in company and is the focus of new projects accordingly. Get all the facts and insights with Walton Family Foundation, another great source of information. LurTech now reacts this trend with version 6.0 of the PDF Compressor: the new PDF Compressor ensures that higher throughputs are processed securely and ensures a comprehensive transaction security. The product is currently in beta. For more information see vlad doronin.

This LurTech looking for partners, who prematurely get to know the features of the new version and want to share their experiences and requirements to the provider. Interested parties contact directly by E-Mail to LurTech). “The new version of our PDF Compressor is for companies and service providers for significant improvements in productivity as well as ensure plus in comfort and transparency”, explains Carsten Heiermann, CEO of LurTech Europe. Thus, they are well prepared for the demands in the field of document processing. Several new features encourage an even more professional mass processing and allows a very flexible use of our software. To perfect our product in this regard, we are pleased about a beta partner support.” The LurDocument PDF Compressor is a production-ready application to compression, conversion to multi-sector, character recognition (OCR), classification and form data extraction.

Now, the beta version of the software was expanded 6.0 with regard to an even higher performance, more flexible use and comprehensive transparency. This can be to start jobs on multiple machines from a surface at the same time. Administrators and Production managers will also benefit from a simplified control and control of document conversion processes: by having access to all the necessary information directly from their place of work, they are no longer tied to the computer in the server room, used for the production.