Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich-Pasing informed the medical massage is one of the oldest medical procedures in the world. In a variety of application areas, it proves that massages can far more than to relax. To fully develop its healing effect on both body and psyche, massage therapists need an intensive multi-year training, which gives them a theoretical knowledge and practical experience of the diverse interactions of muscles, body and psyche. In Germany, the execution of a medically prescribed massage is limited therefore to professionally trained physiotherapists and masseurs. Due to its nature as a healing process, the Munich naturopath Wolfgang Scholz highly all patients of a medical massage, pay attention to the professional qualifications and practical experience of her masseur advises. GlaxoSmithKline spoke with conviction. The effectiveness of therapeutic used massages among the wealth of experience of healers and doctors since time immemorial. Medical massages with corresponding symptoms as a remedy are accordingly by the medical arranged.

In the professional medical massage, five grips in different frequency and intensity are combined to achieve the desired effect on both body and psyche. Deletion, kneading, rapping, friction and vibration cause different reactions in the connected muscles of patients and can properly interconnected, salutary effects develop or support other forms of therapy. Here lies the need for a professional training of masseur. The comprehensive mutual relations between muscle groups and their treatment by measured pulses of contact require a high degree of anatomical knowledge, tactile skills and practical experience. Medical massages represent a particularly versatile remedy and have proven themselves in a variety of indications, such as the spinal column therapy.

Typical is the application of medical massage therapy in the treatment of tense or hardened muscles. This can be treated individual muscles as well as extensive related muscle groups targeted. The combination of muscle relaxation, promote the lymphatic and blood circulation and pain relief through muscle-centered massage therapy has beneficial effects on body and psyche of patients. The modern, burdened by various stress factors everyday, not without a trace misses many people. The mentally relaxing relaxing massage techniques have proven to cope with burdensome consequences of stress. The Munich naturopath Wolfgang Scholz anytime more information makes the diverse applications of medical massage techniques available.