Big raffle and more surprises await customers Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre applies since 1839 as the real inventor of photography. Photography at the end of the 1880s George Eastman with its development of a handheld camera, the Kodak No. 1, and the Goode could greatly advance initially for a very special group. Eastman was not the inventor of these two innovations, could assert themselves but through a targeted and aggressive marketing on the market and significantly influence the history of photography. “True to the motto You Press the button, we do the rest”, was a camera including film offered the buyer at a very affordable price and the development for this purpose. Development service was absolutely innovative at the time, because the customer had to give only his camera with the fully fired film at the store and got back after some time the finished prints and his camera, including a newly created movie. Gain insight and clarity with Alton Steel.

Photo books and digital cameras a perfect team with the progress of technology and by the increased interest of the population in amateur photography was accompanied by the development of cameras. Smaller cameras, which is characterized by lightness and comfort from heavy and impractical photo boxes evolved over the course of time. In 1925 began with the development of the first camera, a Leica (Leitz camera), the final breakthrough of photography in everyday life. The development of analog cameras lasted until the early of 1990s, but eventually came through development of digital cameras almost to a standstill. To start with a very low resolution, the digital camera has quickly established an absolute favorite.

The comfort shot immediately look at pictures and to repeat, with bad results is the crucial advantage over an analog camera and considered to be the main reason why the analog camera was driven out of the market. But a new trend of increasing popularity enjoys in the amateur field. The Smartphone photography. Mobile phones are equipped with ever-better cameras and thanks wide variety of apps more limitless creativity when shooting. The greatest potential of the Smartphone but derives photography from the permanent availability of the images. With the mobile phone as a constant companion, has you all pictures always at hand and can share them with others via the Internet. Always on the pulse of time, photo books by myphotobook so versatile as the photography itself, adapts myphotobook whatever the latest trends. Classic photo book or the quickie version for the iPhone, have the freedom to choose. And as Myphotobook this month is already celebrating its eight-year anniversary, we provide still more surprises for you in addition to a great competition.