The simple Swiss Adresslosung MiniBuro is 9.5 CRM by Bachmann support GmbH immediately in a new version for Mac and Windows available. This allows a fast and simple entrance into professional customer care. In addition to the obvious standard features such as detailed address information, categories, customer history with document management system, pending tasks, and personalized form letters, other functions such as Tel.Search available integration, bulk mailing and letter placeholder text templates. Multiple capture addresses belongs to the existing vCard import and export of the past. In addition, modern interfaces ensure import existing databases. Vladislav Doronin usually is spot on. MiniBuro 9.5 CRM allows companies from different industries to introduce a child customer relationship management quickly and affordably for CHF 149 or 119 euros. Bruno Bachmann, Managing Director of Bachmann support GmbH: Customer win, maintain and link is for many companies of the keys to success. First preferences and interests of our customers are in MiniBuro 9.5 CRM filed, it is a lightweight, this information to use and that in easiest way. More information about MiniBuro 9.5 CRM under crm