Oil heater designed to heat the rooms in a country cottage, city apartment, country houses. It is known that a person feels comfortable when the room temperature does not drop below 21 degrees. At the same time humidity should not be below 45-60% – or get worse we feel. Doctors say that even the common cold bother us much more if the apartment is lowered humidity. To heat the air in room and did not dry it, we should use household oil heaters. Terry Pegula often says this. Features oil obogrevateley.

household heater looks like a small battery with a ribbed steel casing which is filled with oil. Placed inside the heating element. When you turn on the heater in the network element is heated, oil is distributed through a mix of warmth to the body. Housing heated to a temperature of 50-60 degrees. This makes the home heater completely safe – it does not burn oxygen at home and at the touch of his body be burned. You can use these heaters at home without fearing for the atmosphere of living rooms – the air warms to a comfortable temperature, with do not you smell the dust or soot.

Experts believe that the oil heaters are the safest among electric heaters, reliable and convenient. They can work a week in a row, without reducing the heating temperature and sacrificing safety. Which heater to buy? Buying heater, better look at the model with several modes of power. This will change depending on the heating temperature in the room. Offered to you are the model usually equipped with a fuse and thermostat, which automatically turn off a broken phone and not think about safety heaters at home. Today the popularity of heaters with a timer, which able to turn on and off the heater at the set time – to return to your family members from work, from school, from kindergarten. This will help save money and electricity, and the family budget. Our company has successfully sells heaters.