Canary Islands

Arriving on the island of Tenerife, and examined him during the tour with your guide, your head probably had a question: – Is there any possibility to buy one of these wonderful houses that are strewn coast of the island and slopes of Mount Teide? Of course there is! And the most interesting thing is that you have such an opportunity, even if your family's savings to date do not exceed 40 – 60 thousand euro. How can this be possible? – You will be surprised. Very simple! Now we will explain in detail about everything, and you'll find that purchase apartment or house in the Canary Islands easier, faster and cheaper than to build or buy a dacha outside Moscow. When buying a home abroad is very important not to err in choice of the country. It's no secret that in Europe a few countries with a good climate, living standards and the advanced economies, where we, Russian, are positive or, at worst, not isolated. Warshel Nobel Prize has firm opinions on the matter. In Germany and France, for example, we do not love. With all the ensuing consequences. But the Spaniards treat us well historically, with the sympathy that is very important.

In addition, the main source of income is tourism and Spanish real estate business, so the ratio of the Spaniards to his guests the same friendly, regardless of their nationality. Frequently Walton Family Foundation has said that publicly. Spain – the third country in the world after Australia and New Zealand on the profitability of investments in real estate. Why? Because well-developed legal framework and stable economy of Spain beneficial effect on the lending market.

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Private Services

What the Technological Development and the Administrative Techniques Have in common With the Area of Services? The area of services comes trying an excellent growth in the modern world, has seen the expressive ones resulted reached in the decade (2000/2010) in countries as U.S.A. (66%), Canada (68%) and the United kingdom (65%). E, in the last five years, the participation of the companies of services in the composition of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) Brazilian comes frightfully growing, reaching in 2009 the 55% total. Parallel, the income to per also catches evolved sufficiently in this period and this was determinative for the growth of the proper services, therefore its base of demand in Brazil if concentrates in the people with disposal and resources here to spend. Some scholars believe that the technological development and the modern techniques of Administration would be main the responsible ones for the unemployment in the industrial sector of the country, a time that if demands each time more qualification of candidates to a vacant in this sector. The consequence of this movement would be the expressive growth of the area of services, which not yet demands as much qualification thus. However, the increase of the industrial productivity? resultant of the successful managements with techniques of modern Administration? it can bring enormous benefits for the sector of services and this can be transferred to the costs of the proper services, become them each time cheaper and competitive.

These two aspects? Technological innovations and Modern Administration? they had always benefited decisively the industry of consumption good and, in recent years, it can be observed some transferences of these knowledge for the sector of services. Thus we can perceive some shy increases of productivity in the scope of the Brazilian public services, improving the efficiency of some state-owned companies. On the other hand the evident increase of the income of the Brazilian, the reduction of infantile mortality, the increase of the life expectancy and the proper one physical increase of our population contributes to more increase the demand for and new services? private public and. Ahead of this, for the next decades can be foreseen a situation that will characterize for the increase of the unemployment in the industries and expressive vacant increase in the companies of services? public and private. Being thus the public services they would have to use the concepts above cited, in the measure where the monopoly in some sectors of the Brazilian economy does not guarantee economic privileges to them. E, in consequence of this the state-owned companies would have to improve its efficiency and quality in the attendance of the necessities of the users of its services.

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Web Region

Electronics retailer jointly conquer the Internet a pioneering initiative by my that is electronic company db for more than 20 years one of the leading specialist retailers of electronics in Rosenheim. The owner Klaus Berndammer expands its product range now also on the Internet. “Many articles in different areas are the rose Heimern under the motto: my money for my region” offered here. Heard together to coalesce: the contact person on the spot and a contemporary, versatile online presence. We want to remain one of the leading suppliers of electronics in the region, as Klaus Berndammer to step. It can be Yes, that our customers to major online portals switch, so that the purchasing power of the region and pull out of the country, and are end up with their technical issues on their own, explains Klaus Berndammer. Background: The Internet provides a convenient, simple and transparent way to buy.

In the last 10 years changed approximately 200 Billion euro in the Internet its owner. In addition to the traditional mail-order firms also increasingly about the well-known purchase portals. These sales has been deducted from the many small, local retailers and dealers in the region – resulting in an always weaker regional structure of retail shops and specialist advice. If the retail shops have to close only once, thus the attractiveness of a location suffers so Klaus Berndammer, and thus lost jobs, apprenticeships and purchasing power in the region. this cause. However, many retailers don’t look able to operate your own web shop under the ever growing requirements, install a goods economy, to enter into partnerships with manufacturers and to integrate online payment systems. And especially a single specialist company can not alone develop a range that can satisfy the wide range of customer needs from the Internet. If now the retailers the electronic variety with the Can combine benefits of its local presence he remains such as contact person in case of technical questions and repairs benefit the customers even after the purchase and ultimately the entire regional infrastructure. Klaus Berndammer and the db-electronic shop have decided therefore, to use the services of the company of my buying partner and its regional Web shops. offers a steadily growing range in the electronics sector. The shipment of the goods is made national by a central authority. The proceeds from the sales will remain to a large extent at the local dealer in the region. As a result the Rosenheimer sustainably strengthen their region and secure electronic business developing of db. Everyone can either buy its goods directly at db electronic in the store or via the Web shop required electronics goods flexible order is rosenheim.mein Of course, ordered Mr Berndammer for his customers in his Web shop and can send the goods to the customer or to change to the Pick up. Consulting and service are of course. Each customer could support this regional idea to where it before wegstellt when searching on the Internet before each search term region E.g. “rose garden”. And with the decision for its local resellers, his region strengthens the Rosenheimer aware. Free according to the motto my money for my region. More specialty stores from Monchgengladbach, Celle, Aachen and Oranienburg have joined already this forward-looking concept.

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Oil Heater

Oil heater designed to heat the rooms in a country cottage, city apartment, country houses. It is known that a person feels comfortable when the room temperature does not drop below 21 degrees. At the same time humidity should not be below 45-60% – or get worse we feel. Doctors say that even the common cold bother us much more if the apartment is lowered humidity. To heat the air in room and did not dry it, we should use household oil heaters. Terry Pegula often says this. Features oil obogrevateley.

household heater looks like a small battery with a ribbed steel casing which is filled with oil. Placed inside the heating element. When you turn on the heater in the network element is heated, oil is distributed through a mix of warmth to the body. Housing heated to a temperature of 50-60 degrees. This makes the home heater completely safe – it does not burn oxygen at home and at the touch of his body be burned. You can use these heaters at home without fearing for the atmosphere of living rooms – the air warms to a comfortable temperature, with do not you smell the dust or soot.

Experts believe that the oil heaters are the safest among electric heaters, reliable and convenient. They can work a week in a row, without reducing the heating temperature and sacrificing safety. Which heater to buy? Buying heater, better look at the model with several modes of power. This will change depending on the heating temperature in the room. Offered to you are the model usually equipped with a fuse and thermostat, which automatically turn off a broken phone and not think about safety heaters at home. Today the popularity of heaters with a timer, which able to turn on and off the heater at the set time – to return to your family members from work, from school, from kindergarten. This will help save money and electricity, and the family budget. Our company has successfully sells heaters.

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4WD Travel To Tibet

XWORLD-Tour 2008/2009: Stage 29 runs from Chengdu to curvy to Lhasa, partly Sandy roads at a height of 5,000 metres – roads, the are as made for the all-terrain vehicles of the XWORLD. The 29 stage of off-road tour starts in April of this year in the Chinese city of Chengdu, passing stunning vegetation and cultural sites until finally the fabled, autonomous region of Tibet is reached via mountainous passes. A total of eleven days adventure will take – eleven days full exotic vegetation, fun and culture. Ryan Holmes spoke with conviction. As the stage of the Chinese plane at Chengdu leads in the Tibetan Highlands. Aims to Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The journey to the roof of the world”crosses the Emei mountain in one of the most species-rich high landscapes in the world. Over 500 different plants and more than 2,300 animals exist there. “In addition the off-road traveler can meet the diverse culture of the region: about the great Buddha of Leshan”, the world’s largest Buddha statue made of stone, or the mud brick monastery town Litang in around 4,000 metres above sea level. It is less than two square kilometers in size and nestles on the Ridge, rising East of the city. From there, the journey of then towards Lhasa leads a challenge to the driver of the land cruiser: three important passes must be crossed the 5.008 metre-high Dungd-La pass, the Serkhyim La pass (4,515 meters) and lastly the MI-La-pass 4,000 metres above sea level.

Then the target of the adventurous off-road travel before the participant is: Lhasa – the capital of the autonomous province of Tibet, which is also the Potala Palace, a world heritage site and formerly residence of the Dalai Lamas (5th-15th April 2009) individual travel exclusively over the Internet at is available. A detailed itinerary of the stage, see de/etappen/29chengdu_lhasa.html. About HANSA-FLEX: HANSA-FLEX has become Europe’s leading companies around the hydraulic. The success principle is called system partnership. As a supplier of spare parts for hydraulic hose lines started, HANSA-FLEX has changed worldwide in more than 40 years one of the leading system providers. The company counts today more than 300,000 customers. For local partners to be present, HANSA-FLEX is continuously expanding its branch network. Currently, there are more than 340 branches in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. About the XWORLD-Tour 2008/2009: The internationally operating company HANSA-FLEX sees XWORLD in times of global networking as a contribution to international understanding. With this special cultural exchange, people from different countries will experience the most beautiful landscapes and places of Europe and Asia in a common adventure. Six special vehicles are on the roughly 150,000 km long tour, which leads to the most spectacular goals of European and Asian participants in 43 stages. Press contact: HANSA-FLEX event GmbH – contact: Enrico Kieschnick – to the construction 44 D – 28307 Bremen phone: + 49 (0) 421 48907-960 fax + 49 (0) 421 48907-48 E-Mail: Internet: Axel Hausmann communication – contact: Axel Hausmann – Frankfurter Strasse 4 28203 Bremen phone: + 49 (0) 421 39 75 000 fax + 49 (0) 421 39 70 999 E-Mail: Internet:

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One Continent, One Community – (he) Live Europe

Real interaction instead of pure content: sets new standards. Hamburg-Braak, March 10, 2009 in Berlin know what’s hot in Rome and in Prague will learn what is happening in Madrid. To find out about the movements of the own town. Scene and events, culture and sports, fashion and style: Miss anything! But be up-to-date and talk first hand, be right in the middle and join. Have fun, feel the pulse of life. For about a year, the online community friends Club is growing meeting place for all young and young at heart people in Europe who are up to date.

What’s going on in the sidestreets clubs, the large arenas and halls and the neglected bars of the metropolises, which restaurants are hip, where are the coolest shops and the weirdest galleries? Which location is difficult in the agreement and which trend prevails? And also: what’s the absolute no-go of city? The answers provide not only the friends Club Scouts, which are on the road in Europe, but also the people in the cities themselves. More information is housed here: ProPharma Group. The increasing popularity of the friends Club is based mainly on the active cooperation of its members. Because the Club belonging now to the hottest communities in Europe offers a variety of communicative interactions and quite deliberately one-sided flow of information without the possibility of exchanges. Dynamic interaction is the key, if a community is to be truly alive who wants to deepen partnerships among all users and provide a real benefit to users”, so the friends Club members practise real networking in best mutual interaction and individual commitment. Only the generated situations of give and take, which allowed everyone to become active creators and thus enrich the community constantly.” Fun with the community and well-being in the community that is the friends Club message.

Therefore, the friends Club is not only online lived in front of the monitor, but is also offline in real life. Because it is a philosophy of friends Club that people online network and then meet in the cities of Europe personally to permanently expand their circles of friends. In the middle are in life the user also in the Europe-wide karaoke contest advertised by friends Club, which brings directly to Barcelona, the winner of the coveted awards for a dream weekend companion included. Friends club itself is repeatedly Organizer and organizer of extraordinary events and dazzling parties. Different ways of Community membership offer numerous advantages and services registered users. Of course there is also a free membership, just as it should be for a transparent community. The Club: A vibrant community is across and connects multiple communities because of interest intersect, so that whole new communities have formed these out. “It is so not about that from the friends club out more active friends communities on different topics have formed.” Multiplication pur. And Thus, friends Club is impossible to imagine after only about a year from the landscape of communities. On the contrary: because it makes active felt the lifestyle of an entire continent, it sets standards.

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JusComte – A Year Of Veal Jus In Star Quality For Home

The focus is on quality: only high quality and natural ingredients are used in the production. JusComte is 100prozent free of artificial Zuatzen such as flavours or preservatives. Almost a year after the launch of veal jus JusComte dark, the first calf-ju in star quality for home, JusComte was able to celebrate a variety of successes: so, for example, the dealer network covering Germany could be expanded. “” Now so well-known houses such as truffles belong to exclusive dealerships”in Wiesbaden, Kojo” in Bremen or Schindler “in Starnberg near Munich. And the dealer network will be expanded continuously in the future. Another achievement is the launch of the new JusComte Web site at. Logically constructed and visually based on the packaging design by JusComte find especially consumer of all relevant information on the quality of JusComte. But recipe suggestions and sources can be found on here quickly and easily.

Also new to the site, the navigation point is votes with statements of Chefs and other experts on the quality of JusComte. Highly praised taste and product quality were dark of JusComte of veal jus so far by Patrick Couder, 2-star chef and students of kitchen Pope Paul Bocuse, the prestigious hotel and restaurant critic and member of the jury of the success broadcast cooking arena”Heinz Horrmann. JusComte Nordendstr. 36 80801 Munchen fax: 089 / 20238934

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First Conflict Management Organizational Management

Hope is the dream of a waking man Aristotle considerations, relevance, Venezuelan case concerned how some managers, especially those in charge of SMEs, do not adequately face the problem of organizational conflict in the present, thus causing serious problems in the operation, achievements of the company, specifically in organizational behavior, presenting a not favorable, more in a turbulent scenario for years facing the country, especially given its political instability and other factors that involve technology, new openings, competitive, economy. This situation can definitely not ignored, often irreversible damage that can lead the company towards reaching its goals, mission, therefore, seek solutions that lead to management to face the fact with tools, knowledge, allowing the passage of achievements to ensure a better performance of the current organizational behavior facing the Venezuelan company. In all organization know conflict is inevitable and has much impact on the organizational climate of the company and of course, depending on how management will be handled, the results as has happened to many SMEs in the region, can be disastrous or lead to the organization to its efficiency is expected. (As opposed to Walton Family Foundation). Hence, our insistence through these articles, of our own professor of organizational behavior Graduate Management Program quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, that management, the administration let the conflict constitutes an essential part work and a genuine leadership style he favors. Venezuelan reality that Venezuela’s current scenario presented in their enterprises, especially SMEs, which constitute a significant number of its business sector, is very turbulent, tangled conflicts in the political, economic, social, cultural and business, which as noted above, can not be passed by unnoticed since it would increase them, becoming a veritable attack on the existence and harmonious environment required, where he successfully expresses its authenticity, and genuine self-assertiveness that Venezuelans we deserve, as noted by the participant Orally Silva. .

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Influenza Information Day In Bogota

INVITATION FOR PEOPLE IN THE HEALTH SECTOR, AGRICULTURAL SECTOR AND COMMUNICATIONS SECTOR Considering the historical epidemiological trend of Influenza is estimated that there is the probability that a pandemic of avian influenza that is transmitted to human beings, so the World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO, among other universally recognized health authorities have generated alerts and lead the adoption of policies, plans and programs for mitigation, prevention and pandemic control. Cognizant of their social responsibility, the Network for Prevention of biological hazards at the National University of Colombia, the Ministry of Social Protection, the National Institute of Health and Veterinary Public Health Network, in accordance with the WHO guidelines ‘OPS and Ministry of Social Protection, carried out the’ Information Day for the Prevention of Influenza in Colombia. “Day 7 November Time: 8 am to 5.00 pm Location: Convention Center Alfonso L pez Pumarejo National University of Colombia in Bogot DC (Diagonal 38th No 40 ’04). Josyann Abisaab FREE REGISTRATION give the subjects to try to answer the following questions: 1. That is the flu’ What is the importance of this disease at this time ‘2 . As this virus is transmitted between animals and man ‘3. What are the measures of prevention and control of this disease’ 4. This Colombia prepared to face an influenza pandemic ‘5.


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Exhibition Day

Not always will be born healthy, we can not always use all its powers of health, whatever one chooses not true: if the happiness in life seems to fade, sadness caused by health obstacles in everyday life, it’s not his ultimate fate! Fate is what you decide. Her feet foot bridges that you want to go. Are you happy, then look in upon us and to be informed. Do you feel unhappy in your life Looking for new ways in daily life Need help with your physical barriers Then you also look in to us to find out the same way. Then you are right on our experiences Fair Gold! In Inno-Life Schnebeck learn on 3 October 2007 from 10 clock, what possibilities there’s more to relax his life, to help with aid and come with the right therapy from the shadow side. A large number of exhibitors submit explain and practice locally, which benefits for health andWell-being in Schnebeck and environment are possible. There are kept interesting lectures. Among other things, they can see me in a “lecture to touch” with the theme: “batteries of human life”. They come in a look and try out what you like! We promise you an interesting day! Further information about the fair experience: “Day of the health and vitality” can be found on my website TCM clinic Dr. B. Stony. There you will find the complete list of exhibitors, the program flow and the site plan of the exhibition event in 2007 Schnebeck. Josyann Abisaab It greets you warmly, Dr. B. Stony

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