Do not give account that those images are retouched and which is almost impossible to move closer to that perfection because even them? do resemble them when you despojas them all face and body, make-up apartas of the magic of photography (and programmes) sets such as Photoshop and expose them to the light natural, the most real and ruthless that exists? And that’s not all. Parallel to this paraphernalia sell us all kinds of junk food, while practically force us to close our eyes to them and swallow us a series of products low in calories (who know how to beam) because they are healthier. It really is a true psychological torture. All these models (and actresses, singers, presenters of TV, in short, all those which have a public role in some way) they kill hunger to keep a slender figure, and of what worth this if the vast majority of them are mentally disturbed without even realizing it? They suffer from what can not eat. They survive to eke out with an Apple or a juice a day.

No wonder that in their world there are so many anorexic and bulimicas if the universe of fashion (and the market) almost forces them to falling into that. The worst thing about this whole situation is its negative influence on society. There are million adolescents and young people who want to look like their idols, fall into these psychological gaps of which is very difficult to escape. Filed under: SurveyGizmo. It seems that instead of selling us one or another appliance or such or more which diet sell us eating disorders. And they want all these bloggers that the only thing that is written for latinos is about this! With so many things on which we must write! In this computerized world of today where human relationships are lost each time and personal contact is maintained through a machine is more important to talk about it (and Yes, I talk, not coldly discuss a topic X), try to influence people’s lives for so to enriquecer them, not make them feel increasingly miserable and unhappy with his own body.

Above all the women we have very hard. They require us to youth and beauty, and really keep a race against the clock to combat physical deterioration than by another part is inevitable. Bombard us everywhere: Yes the wrinkles, yes the freshness of the skin, yes cellulite or fat in the butt. Nothing, that everything is a great plot to keep us buying the product out to market and at the same time make us feel guilty for falling into the temptation of eating a bar of chocolate, an ice cream or a yogurt. For all this I refuse to write about these topics. I refuse to torturing other women who, as I should feel in peace with their bodies and thank the fact be alive living every second of its existence to fullness as if it were the last (and I’m not saying that I will be completely. I also fall victim occasionally this terrible social exploitation machinery). The only real truth is that today we live, tomorrow, tomorrow who knows?