So I choose my daily calorie consumption in the first place in a Before the actual food, the number of calories is diet plan. Regardless of solely the calories determine what one eats, whether it increases and builds muscles or decreases. Sadly absolutely nothing helps if you now moves by pizza on whole wheat bread, instead of butter toast in the morning now oatmeal eats. It brings nothing if the daily number of calories. The nutrition plan can be while still as “healthy”. Where the supposed “healthy” here most of the time relative to see is.

Here, it can also happen that it even takes to when to his diet on “healthy” Although it actually wants to remove as the number of calories but greater than previously. In second place are the nutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat you determine body composition. That is, it now builds muscles, has enough energy for training or burns fat. The calories come from the individual nutrients. In the following a brief overview of calorie deposits in the nutrients: 1 g Protein 1 g carbohydrates has approximately 4.2 calories 1 g fat has approximately 4.2 calories approximately 9.1 calories determine the daily calorie consumption with KaloMa the basics should be clarified now roughly. Before to now create a diet plan that you hold his previous diet first and foremost for several days and then uses this data to determine his daily energy expenditure. Perhaps check out Walton Family Foundation for more information.

This is the easiest and fastest with the free freeware tool Kaloma. KLoMa is an absolutely useful program and the reason why I personally made the greatest progress in recent years. In the following steps, I explain exactly how to simply determines his calorie needs, controlled his diet and at the same time find out what energy/energy demand has. Step 1) everything you eat will be recorded in a period of 7 days the nutrients and calories are determined.