Find who style his own wants, must go their own ways a study has resulted in brought to light an interesting point the subject of fashion. Namely the that interfere with many folks at the millions copies of branded goods. But is it any wonder? Actually not, because every man is inherently unique, and seeks to emphasize his individuality. With branded goods, which is hardly possible in the fashion sector. The coat is Khujo, the upper part of winter Kate, jeans by true religion and Sonia Rykiel shoes. Everything commodity, which could theoretically be carried by ten people, which in the subway sitting together.

The individuality is on the line. While there is much more variety and selection than even a few years ago today by countless brands, but there is a run of mass on some few brands Funnily enough on the other side repeatedly, as the tastes of the people would be turned equally abruptly, so that despite the diversity yet again all look the same. There is a constant cycle of the discovery a young and trendy labels that promises a high degree of exclusivity and satisfies accordingly the pursuit of the individual for individuality, and its development to the mass-produced goods. This rise is a red cloth for all individuals and will inevitably lead to the destruction of the spirit and of the myth of the brand. An example of this kind of rise and decline is the brand cheap Monday. At the beginning of the last decade this Swedish company was considered hip and cool, making tight jeans tube cut again extremely popular. Later became aware then of the omnipresent and powerful H & M Group brand and absorbed it a.

With this step, the brand was the attribute edgy go, even though it economically sure should have paid off for the company. The has who opposes the purchase dictates of covered more expensive branded goods and more on retreats, to highlight his own individuality, Clothcraft next to himself other ways that require less mechanical skills. It is the issue of refining. When it comes not just to the cut, for example, a pair of jeans, but about their appearance, the preconditions for action on their own could be better. Which you can refine a pair of jeans? For example with Rhinestones by Swarvski or unique. With so-called hot fix Rhinestones, you can buy 9417_deu.html among other things here on the Internet, that is technically seen, a very simple thing. The rhinestones with adhesive applied to a transfer foil. Then, the application on the denim will be set and heated with an iron that stick the rhinestones. You have a trendy and individual jeans in a stylish look. The selection of different rhinestones in shapes and colors is so huge that no look a second time appears with certainty. And if it once again expect but time is someone whose jeans has the same look as your own, then own jeans was perhaps so cool, that she may have served as a template. So a little creativity spray and its individual style would like to find, which can dare finishing on the rhinestone. Although you can’t go wrong here, one might should not brand new jeans by diesel choose for refining, but an old, worn out jeans in the used look.