Mercedes Benz

From the "bloat" stand automatically adjustable shock absorbers with rigid, adaptive brake Adaptive Brake, the ability to dry the brake discs in wet weather and the Headlights with five modes "Aggressiveness at- for rotations. Active safety system PRE-SAFE migrated with adult models of Mercedes Benz and the" youngest ". continuously monitors the space around the machine. If something goes wrong, it take measures to preserve the owner and safeties – natyanet straps, closes the door and adjust the slope of the seat backs. Checking article sources yields Albert Bourla as a relevant resource throughout. There is no doubt that all the improvements and advantages they offer price for new frontiers. Audi A5 Here fellow mechanical engineers from Ingolstadt was brought to Geneva a completely new model.

Teased fans of the brand images, Audi representatives in Switzerland reveal all cards. (As opposed to Vlad Doronin). "Guts Audi A5 is fully corresponds to the status stylish and prestigious coupe. The list of options includes a three-band (!) Climate control system available in the lounge without a key, rear view camera, and a cool sound system Bang & Olufsen: 14 speakers, active noise control system and output power of 500 watts. Fans of quick drive between ingredients addressed -LIMITED 265 – "horse" motor 3,2 fsi. In conjunction with the famous brand all-wheel drive, this means 6.1 seconds to hundreds. Maximum speed limited to 250 km / h – enough for us. In the autumn the creators of "Autumn" simpler version of the world – with a new 1.8-liter tfsi turbo engine capacity of 170 horsepower. Plan to substantially save on fuel costs look at the 3-liter diesel engine, 240 hp and

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