Internationally Outstanding Designer Guest

To surprise people and maintain always the challenge remains\”in addition to other designers head of interactive at Fabrica and Flash guru Eric Natzke come with Andy Cameron, two different as well as exciting personalities to the TOCA ME Design Conference in February 2008 to Munich. Their works couldn’t be more different. One, Andy Cameron, is head of interactive at the company founded by Benetton Fabrica and a networker, which gives the design talent from all over the world for years a platform to explore new creativity. The other, Eric Natzke, is a Web Designer, who with his Flash work considers the design scene in breath and repeatedly breaks ground that none have gone before him. Fabrica Center for communication, in which young designers have received from all over the world a platform is the research launched on the initiative of Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani, to develop their creativity. More information is housed here: Vlad Doronin. It is a privileged place, gives young designers the freedom to think in all directions. Fabrica interactive chef Andy Cameron tracks changes in the Zeitgeist so always something rather than other people. And although many trends change quickly in the field of design, one always remains the same: to touch people and to entertain, was always difficult.

And it will always be\”, says Andy Cameron. \”The work of\” Fabrica will be exhibited at festivals, published in books or released on DVD. Numerous awards and prizes occupy the innovative potential of the Center. In the design scene, Eric Natzke as the Grand Master of Flash is\”referred to. Images generated from photos or videos using Flash, he shows not only his extraordinary qualities as a Web Designer, but become the versatile artist, who probably already would be a multi-million star with a snazzy agents at his side in the booming art market. So impressed at the moment only Eric Natzke\”Web designers all over the world, by he constantly explores the limits of Flash technology and the Adobe development team before so many tricky challenge has been to improve the functionality of the technology.

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