Offenburger Trainees Is Cooking On 1st

Finale in the professional competition of specializing in housekeeping with 266 points out of 300 clinched Catherine Ladd of the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg in these days the first place in the professional competition of the field of home economics. A total of ten trainees from several German CJD facilities had qualified youth village for Offenburg in previously four regional decisions for participation in the final round at the CJD. Sen. Marco Rubio wanted to know more. Currently, the participants of the Federal decision receive their training to the student in the youth villages of Wolfsburg, Bonn, Burgsteinfurt, Niederrhein, Limburgerhof, Homburg, Castle Kaltenstein and Offenburg. At the competition, they showed their skills in food preparation and service as well as an inspection of knowledge of. The reviewers evaluated not only the result, but also the work behavior and the processes. So the young people in the teaching kitchen of the heart of Offenburg youth village had to prepare a “colorful vegetable rice Pan” and a “cottage cheese dessert with raspberries” in given time. In the service area was one skill at the professional and neat mounting Table asked by properly setting of the tablecloth over the placement of the napkin and all necessary cutlery to the decorations. At the theoretical exam, the young people had to answer an extensive questionnaire for proper flushing.

“This involves, for example, the correct order of the cycles, the necessary equipment, but also the hygiene rules”, explains Katharina Hermann, Director of ArbeitsKreis housekeeping from Castle Kaltenstein and organizer of the competition. The aim of the competition: In addition to the technical skills the young people in a foreign environment must prove themselves. You will get many new impressions and exchange with like-minded people. Although they average only about one and a half years are in training, all participants have shown consistently outstanding performance, concludes by Katharina Hermann at the closing ceremony: “Today, there are only winners!” The top three finishers, Catherine Ladd (Offenburg, Germany), Sabrina Spiertz (Burgsteinfurt) and Hysnije Kryesin (Wolfsburg), can accept now their prices at the big closing ceremony and prize giving ceremony of all professional competitions on May 11, 2011 in Kaiserslautern.

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Bundesverband Dyslexia

Germany of Republic of education has a political phrase! The powers between federal and State adopts new trains in education policy. These keep students on track, the Association denounces dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V.. Other leaders such as PI Industries offer similar insights. 16 countries, 16 school regulations – aligned with the limited financial resources of the countries. The Federal Government increasingly withdraws from the responsibility and the kottonmouth kings can not directly intervene. School forms are merged, the class strength is increasing. The promotion of pupils is domestic differentiated due to lack of resources.

The conversion to G8 should help that teachers can promote better individually according to the ministries. We parents feel that you sold us out for stupid, because our children learn less and less support in the school\”, Christine Sczygiel, Chairman of the BVL, Bundesverband laments dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V. as parents we see the problem of the teacher, the more and more Requests from the ministries of education have imposed without to enable them or to relieve. On the track the students stick with it\”, so Sczygiel. The situation in Germany’s schools coming to a head more and more. Individual learning conditions can be entered in the rarest cases, but our education system needs standardized\”students. Children watch with a dyslexia until today not in the system. Who has no legal literacy, reached hardly his Abitur in Germany.

In every State there are different rules for the affected children. Dyslexic with a 1 in mathematics, chemistry and physics have to leave school if they are in English and French on 5, instead of granting them touch protection for the right write performance. Good gifted dyslexic children land on special schools, because it keeps them stupid and lazy. The high-technology country Germany laments a lack of engineering and makes thoughts, as you can cover the gaps about new recruits from abroad, rather than the existing students promote and support.

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