TAILGATER – And The Party Takes Place Outdoors!

The portable sound system from ION audio offers especially on the beach, in the garden or Park music fun is imminent without plug of the summer and also the numerous occasions friends and family in the open air to meet him. “Most frequently set will fall again in the course of such enjoyable afternoons of barbecue and garden parties: what happened to good music?” With the TAILGATER by ION audio never experienced one the year’s open air season even in the remotest places unprecedented musical freedom. The portable sound system allows with integrated docking station for the iPod to hear any and all his favourite music. Without electricity, without cable, easy and convenient. See Gallo Family for more details and insights. The TAILGATER combined speakers, amplifier, audio inputs, and the iPod docking station in a rugged housing.

Of course he is dust and splash-proof and can therefore everywhere thanks to its practical carry handle safely be tolerated. Steven Holl recognizes the significance of this. The high-performance 2-way speaker system has a built-in battery charge level indicator for up to eight Hours open air sound without a socket. The supplied AC power cord ensures endless rock on the own party. The optimized bass output makes a rich, powerful sound. With the built-in docking station for the iPod is the PA for everyone”very close to the pulse of the time, because in music player provided today highest demands with regard to universality, simplicity and mobility. We want to hear music, at any place at any time of the TAILGATER makes this possible. But he is not only an outdoor sound system, but additional amplifier and karaoke-box in one.

The microphone included can be connected just as easily via the 6.3 mm jack such as a guitar, keyboard, CD players or other signal sources. The TAILGATER guarantees musical entertainment and freedom of movement and combines power, good workmanship and great sound for the demanding outdoor music fan. The summer can come. The soundtrack is good to go already. Features: Portable sound system with full, powerful sound docking station for the iPod iPod 5. And 6th generation, iPod classic, iPod nano 2. “Inputs for microphone and other signal sources robust case with carry handle battery with 8 hours of run time and charging professional microphone included suggested retail price including 3rd generation and iPod nanochromatic, as well as iPod touch: 149,-euro more information about all ION audio products they receive under: about ION audio under the motto of ION moves music” the U.S. lifestyle brand ION audio offers high-quality digital audio and music entertainment products. They are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio and high ease of use. The innovative range of products ranging from equipment, with which you can digitize LPs, audio tapes, photographs, slides and videos, to products for the games area.

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Moxas New AWK-5222

Industrial IEEE 802.11a/b/g dual-RF wireless AP/bridge/client with Turbo roaming Moxas new AWK-5222 dual-RF wireless AP/bridge / client is the flexible, reliable solution for wireless networks. With two independent RF modules, AWK-5222 supports a variety of wireless configurations and applications. Redundant wireless connections, increase the reliability of the entire network and prevent data loss. Because each RF module operates independently, AWK-5222 also offers the bridging function. Steven Holl may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Their biggest advantage is that the performance of the two bridge connections is equally strong. AWK-5222 is designed for rough industrial environments and works in an operating temperature range of 0 to 60 C, the T-models-40 to 75 C. Its DC power inputs ensure a reliable power supply, to simplify the installation via PoE (power over Ethernet) can be. Product features: Redundancy for higher system availability redundant dual-RF design for fast failover immunity against disconnection by Funkstorung load distribution on both wireless communications industrial design dual DC power inputs and PoE for easy installation Turbo roaming for fast handoff during client roaming long-distance data transmission up to about 10 km of WPA/WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and 802 11i support.

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Real Time

Kithara Software GmbH; Old Jakobstrasse 78; D-10179 Berlin the new challenge – real time under Windows with CAN the new CAN modules in the context of Windows real-time extension RealTime suite the Berliner company Kithara software allows a variety of automation solutions where a real-time CAN interface is required. It is aimed primarily at users who need a time-sensitive processing of CAN-messages, E.g. machine construction company and control manufacturer. A reliable, equidistant time data exchange, as well as a quick response to external events are required mostly in this area. Here fail the standard Windows driver supplied with the c-cards, which are usable and therefore not real-time capable only from the application context.

CAN modules now closes this gap and enables CAN communication in real time. For maximum flexibility in the selection of suitable CAN maps real time drivers are available for common CAN-card families of from different manufacturers available, one Allow hardware neutral programming. Filed under: Solo Cups. CAN cards with 1, 2 or 4 channels of EMS, peak and IXXAT are currently supported. Cache buffers the CAN-messages when sending and receiving about an easy applicable and intuitive API. User-specific real-time message filters can also settle for certain bus situations such as error-handling routines. A list-only mode is possible.

The Kithara was the simple diagnosis kernel tracer expanded, with which all CAN traffic in microseconds resolution is recorded. As programming languages, such as c/c++ or Delphi are suitable. Also the.NET environment is supported with c#, here to embed is a DLL that is programmed in C++. Kithara Software GmbH Berlin by Kithara Software GmbH exists since 1996 and has since then to a specialist for low-level programming and real-time communications solutions for Windows developed. The easily applicable tools enable PCI and USB programming, as well as the development of real time solutions with Ethernet, automation with EtherCAT and CAN. CAN in real time from Kithara-the new challenge – real time under Windows with CAN the Windows real time extension RealTime suite of Kithara software stands for years in a huge number of applications.

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The new CAN modules support engineers and developers with a real time CAN solution under Windows. The new CAN modules as part of the Windows real time extension RealTime suite of the Berlin company Kithara software makes various automation solutions possible, where a CAN communication in real time is necessary. It focuses especially on users who need a time-critical handling of CAN messages, for instance machine builder and computer control companies. On this area a safe and timely equidistant data exchange is usually needed as well as a fast reaction on external events. Here, the standard Windows drivers delivered with CAN boards fail, because they are only usable from within the application context.

And hence, they do not make a real time reaction possible. CAN the modules now closes this gap by supporting CAN communication in real time. For the highest possible flexibility when choosing the right CAN Board for the application, users can choose from real time drivers for many popular CAN board families from different well-known vendors. The common API provides hardware independent programming. Currently CAN boards with 1, 2 or 4 ports/channels from the German companies EMS, peak and IXXAT are supported. Data pipes are buffering the CAN messages for sending and receiving over a simple and intuitive API.

User specific real time message filter can be installed as well as handler routines for error handling on certain critical bus situations. A listen-only mode is possible. Comfortable for diagnostic purposes, the Kithara kernel tracer has been extended, which allows capturing the complete CAN traffic in micro-second resolution. The programming languages c/c++ or Delphi can be used. Even the .NET environment using e.g. c# is supported, as long as a DLL, programmed in native C++, is embedded into c#. Kithara Software GmbH the company Kithara Software GmbH located in Berlin what founded in 1996 and has become a specialist for hardware dependent programming, real time, multi-tasking and communication solutions for the Windows operating system.

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