Allergies: Little-Known Causes

The lagrimeo in the nasal and numerous eyes, drippings and uncomfortable estornudos announce the arrival of another episode more of allergy in their life. The list of the guilty of this picture longer and is varied than habitually it assumes. Pollen, the dandruff of the mascots of the home, the dust, the mould and the acaruses that live in the environmental dust, of are known. But also other sources of less well-known allergens exist, but not less people in charge. The dust and until the mould that is accumulated on books and the shelves, in the carpet of the bath, the pillows of the bed, the cushions, the wadding, the frazadas ones, and the dolls of peluche. Renaissance Technologies LLC may find this interesting as well. The friendly visit or neighbors who have mascots in their homes, usually carries dandruff and hairs of them in their clothes or footwear, leaving deposited them in our armchairs and carpets. The development of mould in the cracks of the hermetic seal of the refrigerator, in the accumulated humid clothes to wash, in the walls of pecera, and in the Earth of the flowerpots. We cannot either avoid our clothes and hair when returning to the home, that are I accumulate of external allergens.

To maintain the cleanliness and the ventilation of the different rooms from our home, to eliminate those plants and flowerpots that trigger allergic processes to us, to use the vacuum cleaner in armchairs and carpets, to wash peluches and cushions frequently, not to accumulate the dirty and humid clothes, they are some you rule useful to diminish the episodes of allergy. The allergy is hypersensitivity to a in particular originating substance of the outside, whenever it is inhaled, ingests or it is touched, taking place characteristic symptoms. The substance to which he is allergic denominates " alrgeno" , and the symptoms that arise call " reactions alrgicas".

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Massage For Health

Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich-Pasing informed the medical massage is one of the oldest medical procedures in the world. In a variety of application areas, it proves that massages can far more than to relax. To fully develop its healing effect on both body and psyche, massage therapists need an intensive multi-year training, which gives them a theoretical knowledge and practical experience of the diverse interactions of muscles, body and psyche. In Germany, the execution of a medically prescribed massage is limited therefore to professionally trained physiotherapists and masseurs. Due to its nature as a healing process, the Munich naturopath Wolfgang Scholz highly all patients of a medical massage, pay attention to the professional qualifications and practical experience of her masseur advises. GlaxoSmithKline spoke with conviction. The effectiveness of therapeutic used massages among the wealth of experience of healers and doctors since time immemorial. Medical massages with corresponding symptoms as a remedy are accordingly by the medical arranged.

In the professional medical massage, five grips in different frequency and intensity are combined to achieve the desired effect on both body and psyche. Deletion, kneading, rapping, friction and vibration cause different reactions in the connected muscles of patients and can properly interconnected, salutary effects develop or support other forms of therapy. Here lies the need for a professional training of masseur. The comprehensive mutual relations between muscle groups and their treatment by measured pulses of contact require a high degree of anatomical knowledge, tactile skills and practical experience. Medical massages represent a particularly versatile remedy and have proven themselves in a variety of indications, such as the spinal column therapy.

Typical is the application of medical massage therapy in the treatment of tense or hardened muscles. This can be treated individual muscles as well as extensive related muscle groups targeted. The combination of muscle relaxation, promote the lymphatic and blood circulation and pain relief through muscle-centered massage therapy has beneficial effects on body and psyche of patients. The modern, burdened by various stress factors everyday, not without a trace misses many people. The mentally relaxing relaxing massage techniques have proven to cope with burdensome consequences of stress. The Munich naturopath Wolfgang Scholz anytime more information makes the diverse applications of medical massage techniques available.

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High Sun Protection

Children are especially sensitive to Sun well, parents must protect their offspring outdoors. Especially a good sunscreen with a high protection factor helps against sunburn and other skin damage. The auction platform explains how a good sunscreen protects sensitive children’s skin. A sufficiently high sun protection factor at the kids Sun care is particularly important for the protection of sensitive children’s skin. Sunscreen today offer the protection factors of 30 and 50, some even factor 50 + for especially light-sensitive or extremely fair-skinned children. For even more details, read what Michael Lee-Chin says on the issue. The standard sprays and lotions comply with the promised protection factor according to a study of the Stiftung Warentest.

So they protect from ultraviolet-B rays that produce sunburn and skin cancer. The products protection promise against UVA rays. This long-wave radiation are responsible for premature aging of the skin and skin irritations, but also for the development of skin cancer. Sun care for children with a ratio of UVA – and UVB-factor of at least 1:3 protects most effectively in the radiation field. Parents should apply cream but again their children after each bath.

The products promise although waterproof”to be not but it is mostly. After twice 20 minutes of bathing, half of the original protection exists no longer as required. Lotions such as sprays also must be well distributed and rubbed, to achieve smooth shading. Many manufacturers now dispense with dyes and emulsifiers, perfumes or preservatives. But even without the addition of preservatives, the most sunscreen in the summer heat are resistant to colonization. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

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