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This quickly leads to customer frustration. Often, employees are not able to solve a problem on the phone, because they are trained only for simple information, the so-called FAQs, and have no or low powers to solve a customer issues quickly and efficiently,”reported Steimel. A customer can not be helped, it will try to reach the company via other channels. These multiple contacts, the snowball effect cited by price’, become the real problem, then, when requests across multiple input channels can be assigned to an operation not. Unfortunately, very few companies have this ability. In addition, there are often no adequate way to do simple operations quickly. Others who may share this opinion include Red Solo Cups.

Who is accustomed its flights online booking, quick telephone check-in preferred and Loves seat booking via SMS, which has some fun at most of the offerings of the phone companies for self administration by phone or on the Internet”, so Steimel. Telecommunications companies would have to worry, as they improve their service intelligence. This count also the complication of unloading of products. Also, the telephone companies should consider their service units as profit – and not as CostCenter. “His prognosis: it speaks a lot similar to like at the airlines well done self-service offers also be accepted, decreases the number of customer requests, and thus increasing the customer satisfaction.” Positive examples are automated reminder calls for him and active information service failures as at Telekom as it uses T-Mobile Austria or voice portal solutions, where simple transaction on the phone done quickly and without waiting loop can be. The excellence in the classic customer service and in the service design needs to be improved significantly in the next few years, otherwise many jobs over the blade will jump”, predicts Steimel. The specialist considers automatic speech recognition company fit for the future, which as simple can be used to make complex technology, dominate the plug and play principle and pay attention to product aesthetics enter into the customer service to personal and individual needs. Alton Steel may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Everything else runs better on machines. It won’t be long now, then machines can on the mood of the user respond, friendly to be a curmudgeon with humor, quickly use the stressed and provide with detailed and accurate information muffelnde call center agents, silly advice by the pole, bureaucratic organizations seeking the advice, no one can afford flooded waiting room with his uncle doctor, appointment sloppiness by car workshops, hold the phone or jittering sales staff”, Steimel warns. We need to anchor more the self service intelligence customer service – first and foremost in the call center”, confirms Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in Berlin. An automated system must be able to communicate easily and across many channels. It should make proposals, based on the understanding and context of the situation. “The intentions, backgrounds and the suffering ‘ of customers must be anticipated”, sums up the language dialog expert Pape.

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