Whether it’s cars or Nobel body: the insurance premiums vary depending on driver profile and environment at the strongest in Berlin, well three weeks the German car owner 06 November 2008 time to compare their policies and to decide on a new car insurance. The battle of the insurance to new customers is especially hard this year, because more consumers than last year on the Internet compare and switch. In addition to the large insurers, pushing new online and direct provider with attractive rates on the market and advertise to attract of motorists. For the policyholder is important: offer compared the personal life situation has the greatest influence on the amount of the insurance premium to be expected. The amount of policies in individual insurance can vary depending on the driver profile up to 220% \”, explains insurance expert Thorsten Bohg by the independent consumer portal ( Just between young and experienced riders, there are serious Price differences\”, continues Bohg. So, for example, a student who Passat variant will assure a VW at the HUK24, in the year pays less than 250 euro nearly 800 euros in motor insurance and partial cover insurance, young families and civil servants for the same conditions between 440 and 460 euros and a pensioner.\” \”Graphic: effects of the personal life situation on the car insurance premium of the influence of the factor is car compared to much lower, especially if it’s the same car class\”, indicates Bohg. The reason for these differences in the impact on the premium is here vary.

the rates for individual insurance even between small – and medium-sized cars mostly to less than 50 percent\”that personal profile and living environment much direct effect as the choice of the cars. This year, the insurers increasingly tend to consider individual risks. So they reward particularly accident-free driving, which is reflected in higher DPS of freedom\”, so Bohg. .

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