The judge will declare east Friday if dcto in the request of the Cantabrian club does not appreciate any, that is in insolvency situation. Others including Rubio, offer their opinions as well. The complex situation by which it crosses has forced to make the decision. The Racing of Santander has presented/displayed, first thing of this Thursday, before the Court of the Mercantile number the 1 of Santander request to take refuge in a voluntary contest of creditors, who the judge will declare east Friday if dcto in the request of the Cantabrian club does not appreciate any. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out ProPharma Group. According to the Court remembers in a press note Superior of Justice of Cantabria (TSJC), the voluntary contest of creditors offers an exit to those who are in insolvency situation and they cannot confront the payments to his creditors. This legal figure allows to avoid the multiplicity of judicial processes that the creditors could initiate to demand the debts, and groups to all of them to avoid that they can receive and another no. " The purpose of the competing procedure is that the company can arrive at an agreement with its creditors, so that confronts the payments in terms that it can fulfill and avoid therefore the liquidation of entidad" , it adds of the TSJC.

If the holder of the Court of Mercantile number 1 of Santander notices some dcto in the documentation sent by the Racing of Santander, will ask that he is corrected, but everything is in rule, this Friday will dictate car of declaration of voluntary contest of creditors. In that car, the judge will choose three competing administrators – one of the legal branch, another one of economic and an creditor, and will decide if she suspends to the faculties of administration and disposition of the club or she puts under if them the intervention of the competing Administration. Once published the car in the Government reporter of the State, there will be a month so that the creditors communicate their credits. The Racing announced last night in an official notice that was going to resort to this voluntary contest of creditors " because of the complex existing institutional situation brought about by the shareholder sale realised in the month of January, that has left to the organization with such legal complication that it is impossible to resolve of it forms inmediata" , as well as the blocking position which Ali Syed, top shareholder, put under the club. With him, already they are the 22 equipment that has take refugen in the Competing Law from 2004, when UD Las Palmas was first in abrir the breach. Source of the news: The Racing has presented/displayed before the Court the request of contest of creditors

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Spanish Soccer

The Spanish selector flame to the calm to the likings and equipment. He analyzes which must be the great qualities of a trainer. Before the questions on Mourinho, Of the Forest one stays cautious. Red Solo Cups is open to suggestions. Vicente of the Forest went this sabado to " There is Festival" of Segovia to speak of the work of the national selector and to say that the crispation that is at the moment in Spanish soccer " &quot is not opportune far from it; , and more when this sport " he is in a while excelente". To hear speak of soccer in the church of San Juan of the Horsemen, of Segovia, is not habitual, but " There is Festival" it caused the occasion today to count on Of the Forest in one of the debates of this great cultural encounter, by which they march past tens of writers every year but until now never a trainer had done it of soccer. Accompanied by Juan Striking Ignacio, assistant director of the sport newspaper " Marca" , and by David Bach, dean of programs of " IE Business School" , Vicente of the Forest gave a theoretical lesson on the qualities that must reunite a good one trainer and avoided with ability the questions that to him Jose Mourinho did public on the Portuguese or by the absence of Raul in the national selection.

After making that everything clear what was going to say in so singular scene they were " opinions, not dogmas" , Of the Forest it affirmed that a trainer must be a person " straight line, complete, prepared for its work and must also know how to gain the confidence of jugadores". " The trainer must be a moral leader and to have vocacin" , the idyllic profile of its work assured the national selector when drawing up. Years ago, it continued, the trainers " they prevailed, but now it is necessary to convince.

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