Final Happiness

Now that we improve of situation, why not to give an aid to that they walk behind us? When the man arrives at the apogee of the life, must help what he comes behind. We must pay what others had made for us bringing them for the same ways. The way of the life is one only, all will pass for the same road and is subject to the same dust, to the same holes and curves, but also all have the right to travel for asphalt. For everything this never we must discourage of this long one walked for the land. We are pilgrims who we must fight firmly to arrive at the final and desired goal. If thus not to make, then we will be the loosers, frustrated there and yes if he loses the desire of living a life as ours. On the other hand if all our desires are satisfied and carried through our way, we will not have the complete happiness. Source: W.S. Badger.

They say the people who the hard happiness little, this depends on each one, each way to face the happiness. According to some, the happiness always walks our sight, but never to our reach. This is a pessimistic idea, it depends purely and exclusively on us and plus nobody. Each one can be happy in the way that to program this happiness, depends on the fight, the sacrifice that to make. everything what the man to want, with the time and the patience it can acquire. For this each one must always continue in the hope to win, to conquer with fists and its proper force to reach the desired goal. The victory depends on our effort. It is clearly that all will receive aid from diverse sectors as schools, filantrpicas institutions, members of the community, but she is necessary to fight very to obtain the victory of our ideals.

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Questions and Answers: A way to tread. Plus a year end, fogos of artifice, all with a good face, feelings of joy and new perspectives. Read more here: W.S. Badger. We go to make new agenda and to program the new objectives? Because the man tends to separate to the time in cycles the man is conducted by cycles. I gather my thoughts and I am quiet in one I sing to separate and to analyze. What if it can make? Mainly as if can make. Some ideas are in course already sufficiently known and analyzed, classified as essential to be carried through, that more they try, in showing our inefficacy to them of what in saying the quo to them rational we are. However balls, if are classified as essential and judge in the roll of the possible things, because they had been not yet made, or at least because they had not been placed in progress.

Thus, we find bought, played books in the bookshelf, that when acquiring in them we full of joy and anxiety to know what the author says in them. We go to start to read today, tomorrow, this week and soon we see a dusty one in bookshelf looking in them with that eye of fish dead to ask quiet: Why I am abandoned? Thus, it happens with the arrumao of the bookshelf, the purchase of a new shoe tennis, with as much and as many activities that we judge necessary and we finish for not living them, for laziness? For habit to play in the bag of unrealizable our better ideas. He is one I inhabit harmful that it attacks as much good people. Now, using to advantage that you, are of new agenda that is made use to move of life in this year of 2012 that promised if to transform into a new person.

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