Entertainment In Barcelona

Nightlife in Barcelona is famous for its well-deserved worldwide. In Barcelona, often tourists come from European countries in order to rest over the weekend in clubs or one of the many restaurants in town. At the same time guests of constantly wondering – how the people of Barcelona can have fun all night and early in the morning to go to work. In Barcelona the night – this is only a prelude to the main time fun. All fun starts no earlier than an hour night. Even a normal dinner in Barcelona starts pretty late – not until nine o'clock at night. Before dinner, you can drink cold wine in the Gothic Quarter, a beer on a busy area of the Sun, or to satisfy hunger traditional tapas in one of the many bars in Catalonia. And count on a serious dinner in Barcelona soon to occur.

Night in Barcelona starts much later than in other European cities. If you go to sleep two or three o'clock in the morning, then everyone will say that you went too early. Resist the temptation to continue the fun is almost impossible, especially in summer when the cool night is the best time for walking. Actually people Barcelona is exactly what they do. After two hours of the night opened numerous clubs and discos of Barcelona. Some of the most popular clubs in town – Sala Apolo and eternally young La Paloma – luxurious ballroom, decorated with gold and red velvet. Yorkville Advisors brings even more insight to the discussion.

At three levels of club Razzmatazz are live concerts and discos. This club is located in the Poble Nou, the site of an old warehouse. In the summer and are very popular clubs on the beach in the Olympic Village. In some festivals that take place in Barcelona, provides nightly program. For example, a very interesting program of the June Festival of Contemporary Music Sonar. Also very interesting to visit the district at night celebrations in Barcelona. Especially fun is famous district of Gracia.

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