Amberg is intangible, invisible, not palpable, not audible for a day care centre of the air air art. Not so in Amberg! The Luftkunstort Amberg”appears to prove the opposite. In the second big air night on Friday, September 07, 2012, from 19-23: 00 you can experience air in Amberg with all your senses. For the second time, present their air and light installations air artists together in one place and transform the city centre of the art place of air in a show, Staun -, and Boulevard. In the night air, the necessary elixir of life combines with art, music, cuisine and shopping. Shops and restaurants are open until 23: 00 and take up the topic of the evening with airy treats and actions, such as wind bags, aerated chocolate, or balloons.

The air night in Amberg, Germany Luftkunstort up-to-date with the city marketing award in Bavaria “won. The stringent concept on the subject of air was able to convince the jury. State Secretary Katja Hessel praised the air night: City Marketing Amberg has an event to a regional Specialty air museum Amberg around designed and added a new facet to the image of the city. Consistently well thought out and perfectly implemented.” “” At the second night of air in Amberg, Germany Luftkunstort air artists from Germany and Austria present themselves with the following attractions in the city centre: ILLUMINIST: special light objects, Peter Grotz, Tubingen exhibition of air objects lightning and balls, lighted staging of art and shopping with multifunctional Court air bowling Elves “Kolja Kugler, Berlin: pneumatic robot A freakin’ bass player”, “Sir Elton junk”, “Monster from the dustbin”, Bahnhofstrasse tent & art”: Airborne spaces and objects of frankFIERKE, Stuttgart Spherenobjekt BIG OUT,” marketplace the Bavarian Lion, lower Bavaria: stage program “Alois in Wonderland”, traditional sheet metal sounds with sound A-cappella pop – highly musical and hilarious, Wilhelm Koch, Amberg marketplace: ruah “floating air cross, this organ improvisation: Bernhard Mullers,.

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Kizubuhel Austria

In each country there is a specificity why it should go. In Austria there are two! Skiing and apres-ski Austria has very much to offer. Especially in the winter it takes off guests near and far in this beautiful country, because the slopes for fans of alpine sports are a dream. But also a reason why many come again and again to Austria, is celebrating. Rather the apres ski parties. This kind of party-making was invented in Austria and has found a large following over the borders. Many ski resorts that are not in Austria, have attached themselves already apres-ski but you can see one immediately if one considers the comparison, you can find the original only in Austria. Nowhere so danced, Sung, and flirting.

On the slopes already during the skiing, it’s partying. In the many ski huts hut fun starts already in the afternoon and continues then the apres-ski seamlessly bars in the Valley. Especially in an apres-ski party in the Kitzbuhel Alpine’s not to be missed. All prerequisites you need to really celebrate, are given here. Tourists come in the winter often just for that reason in Tirol Kitzbuhel is famous far over the borders? Many VIP BBs can not take the fun, to celebrate a great party in the winter. Especially the apres-ski hits are a guarantee that the mood is perfect. Heard and everyone can sing along and then an unforgettable apres-ski party in Kizubuhel will be celebrated until the early hours of the morning with guests from all over the world.

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