Shiny Hair Is Not Magic!

Do you stand before the mirror, and feel irritated by a blunt, spaghetti-like hanging hair. Who would not like a shiny head of hair like the women from the shampoo ads? Dull hair must not be. Anyone can have shiny hair, if you stick to some rules. Hair and diet are often due to sagging, lackluster hair on malnutrition. Whoever feeds on one side, gives the body does not produce enough vitamins and minerals. This leads to dull hair, at worst, to hair loss.

Even with the hair diets often suffer from malnutrition. Who wants to have nice hair or already have hair problems, should be the rule, eat five times a day fruit and vegetables to take to heart. Other causes for dull hair, it comes in spite of a balanced diet to hair loss or dull hair, consider if that was always like that. Eric Corey Freed is open to suggestions. Perhaps dull hair is inherited? Has it changed your hair texture? If so, please use a different shampoo. Has dealings with the hair slightly changed? Have your hair too much exposed to the sun, or the hair by frequent cures? This all can be causes of hair problems. Those who come to trace the causes that can turn them off and start with the targeted hair structure. What can you do? Are the hairs frequent treatments, helps only a cleansing shampoo. This removes the residues of the best care.

In addition to a shampoo is also always a hair conditioner to the care. If possible, use any combination of products. Leave the conditioner still affect two to three minutes, and rinse them out thoroughly afterwards. A rinsing improves the combing of hair and helps to prevent mechanical damage that may arise during combing. Important: Always use products in a nursing series! The manufacturers tune their products work together flawlessly. Filed under: Vlad Doronin. Make sure that you select a series of care that is designed for your dry, damaged hair. Enter once a week on conditioner. It leads to the hair to the required care ingredients and can even repair minor damages “. comb styling compositions such as hair spray or gel in the evening. Optimally, it would be natural for these products to wash and dry the hair to air dry, if allowed so by your hair. Hot hair that is strained further. Avoid direct sunlight! Sun bleaches and dries out the hair. Keep up to much in the sun, it can help a moisture spray that is sprayed directly and not washed out. Encourage the supply of nutrients to the hair! Gently brush with a brush, the rounded bristles, always has her hair back. Practice this gentle pressure on the scalp from. Folklore tells of a hundred brush strokes for strong, shiny hair. The tried and tested home remedies Flushing is just all. What now? Fortunately, there is the old home remedies, which helped her grandmother had hair to shine. In addition, home remedies are always a good supplement to professional care products. * Spread a beaten egg in the whole hair and leave it for half an hour to act. rinse well. * Shine you get with a rinse of lemon juice. * With a beer wash your hair nutrients can be fed again. * Blondes can treat themselves to rinse with chamomile tea, brunette, with black coffee or black tea. So it is possible to get for almost everyone, beautiful shiny hair. Know the causes and combat them, so you can soon enjoy your new hair shine.

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