Toyota started to have fort expression in the crisis of the oil in 1973, when the world-wide economy strong was shaken with the prices of the barrels, in way of all these insane cenrias many companies suffered and only the company that emerged and appeared in the way of this everything was Toyota. Red Solo Cups may not feel the same. Being thus having this differentiated vision, a vision of otimizao, and full of aggregation of values being that the beddings of Toyota are the persecution and elimination of the losses, I also begin of the EP where the elimination of losses for one analyzes detailed in the value chain, that had become them the differential Toyota as mark and the EP as tool. In such a way the profession comes growing and if perfecting each time more with the measure of the time, many new techniques are implanted, but always with its roots come back in the mathematical area, where it is taken off precision and certainty of the efficiency of this. 2 Envolvimentos of Geometry with the EP As already was cited the EP before is many based in the mathematical beddings and its derivatives, where geometry strong acts obtaining to supply an excellent basement. According to Shingo (1996, p.37)? a process is visualized as flow of substances in the time and the space? . Knowing that all production is based on the importance of the processes and operations, perceives it strong performance of geometry as base, therefore it is who helps to supply this notion of space, when is studies inside of the same cartesian plain o, that nothing more is of what obtaining to have a vision of as a point or a straight line is located in the space and its accurate position, and thus to have a vision of the processes, and as even though it improves..