Schadtoffe in toys? No thanks! Thanks to D-toy, parents can be sure again that their children “healthy” toys to play with. More information is housed here: Steven Holl. The summer is approaching and the kids need more toys for the garden and sandbox. At David Agard you will find additional information. Before the crowded shelves of toy shops remembered suddenly to the many headlines that were read shortly before Christmas in all newspapers. How was that again with the harmful substances in toys? What should I review at the time of purchase? Sure, you can rely on its own meaning and simply leave toys that pungent smell in the shelf. Or it is based on rules. Since there are many different of these but not all are equally meaningful, you should inform himself before well beyond the individual seals.

But there is still another way to be sure that the toys contain no harmful substances. Consumers should pay more on the origin of the products. Who wants to go to play it safe, buy the best toys from German production. “The toy made in Germany” back in vogue is, allowed to determine also the exhibitors and visitors of this year’s Toy Fair. One has recognized this trend early on, is David Pennartz. He founded the summer last year the company D-toy, only toys from Germany is offered on their website. In the shop, visitors will find a colorful selection of toys, baby toys and wheels up to finger paint or Playdough. We want our buyers that give safety high-quality toys to order containing no lead paint or toxic plasticizers “, as David Pennartz, founder of D-toy.”So we make sure that not only the children’s eyes light up when ordering and unpacking the delivery, and nothing in the way is hours of gameplay.” Environmental protection and the idea of sustainability in the company philosophy of D-toy at the top next to the health of children. So, much of the wood used for example in the case of the Holzspielzeugs dating domestic stocks, which sustainably farmed be. The short transport routes of the products provide a very good CO square footprint.