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Work and family Sackmann attended RIS tailwind for the RIS: A clear commitment to support the continued development of the Regensburg international school (RIS), during his visit to the RIS put Bavaria’s work and family Markus Sackmann last Monday. The politician was thrilled by the international atmosphere, the diversity of the student Nations represented, and the positive development of the fledgling school, which is unique in Eastern Bavaria. In the conversation with the present parents, he stressed the importance of a worldwide standardised and recognised provision for international families. Economic and financial officer Dieter Daminger stressed the need for a such schools for the city of Regensburg: the international nature of the industry and science in the city of Regensburg and the region make this educational institution indispensable, for example large and medium-sized enterprises, universities and clinics together with its employees and their families of optimum working and living conditions find. The RIS is an essential locational advantage in the international competition. The establishment of the school was already decisive last September that a French family chose the site of Regensburg and thus companies allowed a worldwide Regensburger filling a vacancy. In the lively exchange with the Secretary of State, the present parents showed a so grateful about the recently granted approval of secondary education for the RIS and the statement of the politician to support the future development of the school.

So there will be many more families possible, to offer a globally recognized education their children, which guarantees global access to higher education by beginning at the international standards of the IB World Schools is equivalent to about 2,900 and with his conclusion. Fiona Kalinowski (principal RIS), Dr. Bettina Stoll (RIS General Manager), Tel. 0 94 05/918 918-0

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