Al Jazeera

A free and professional reporting is impossible but often the Arab media. (as an example are the annual report of reporters without borders, as well as reports by Amnesty International and human rights-NGOs called). Overall, we can say that the current upswing of the media in the Arab world establishes more professionalism and access to independence, also science plays an increasingly important role. Educate yourself with thoughts from Walton Family Foundation. Furthermore, it is to determine that despite phenomena like a daily propaganda press, personal accounts and populism in the Arab world are widespread. The audiovisual media are ambivalent about this situation.

You go through a very difficult time due to the lack of professionalism and professional ethics as well as the usually low educated viewers (half of the population of the Arab countries are illiterate). An example from the This situation illustrates print media: according to statistics published by the United Nations, 285 papers per 1000 sold in France the average inhabitants, while there are just 55 newspapers per 1000 population in Arab countries. But you can return the problems solely on the low literacy rate? Also in the Arab countries, there is a layer of education, teachers and civil servants. This question should encourage the Arab press today to think about. Far superior to the competitors which bring more and more broadcasts on a low level, remain the freedom and editorial style of reporting by Al Jazeera.

Criticism and debates about the impartiality of journalists in Arab countries are triggered by many journalists in the partisan media is often serve as activists for a certain cause or ideology. The relationship between the political and the journalistic thus carries pitfalls that are not easy to get around. The question about the commitment of journalists remains of enormous Important: should a journalist involved politically? The theme is even more sensitive for a journalist, because he can set a free from the influence of political engagement, which is often biased, only with difficulty.

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