Filantrpicos Hospitals

Filantrpicos hospitals are institutions where, of the total of atendimentos offered monthly to the population, 60% must necessarily be composed for patients of the Only System of Health. This means that the income of these institutions predominantly depends on atendimentos and internments of patients of the SUS, that provides edge of a significant and little very laborious profit. To another parcel she is composed for patients of accords and particular atendimentos, that bring an edge of bigger profit, obtaining to supply the managemental and administrative necessities of the institution. Another peculiarity of the Filantrpico Hospital is its structure of invoicing, that is divided in 4 types: – SUS including low and average ambulatorial and hospital complexity; – Small great accords, enclosing medicine of group, insuring, cooperative, etc.; – Plain of health proper of these hospitals; – Atendimentos particular, since consultations, hospital-day, until internments. Therefore, to perceive the universe where if they find the Filantrpicos Hospitals and to offer a management system that facilitates the work of the administrators they are characteristic essentials to disponibilizar an efficient and complete service. The Wareline possesss a system of hospital management that obtains, of versatile and efficient form, to congregate all the types of invoicing of integrated form, searching the increase of prescriptions and the profits and the control of the reduction of the costs. One of the tools of this system that is very interesting for facilitating the administrative analyses is the Business inteligence, that it brings well synthetic graphs and reports that they assist the administrator of the hospital in the management of day-by-day of the institution and can be had access of any place of the world at any time therefore is in the WEB.

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Sergio Valdivia

I acknowledge my defects, errors and shortcomings. But I am also able to value my qualities, successes and achievements. I am willing to admit my mistakes and to share my experiences with Sergio Valdivia while we remain in this plane and to the extent that we are entering to know us, determine the reason for our existence, and identify ourselves with our spirit, can give way to manifest our true wisdom, knowledge that we already bring in order to help us to play us adequately while we remain in this dimension. We must revive our inner candle in order to illuminate the right path which we must follow while giving us the opportunity to be, stay and fulfill our mission. Every day that passes, it involves a great opportunity for our growth, in surprise, determine how awake we are and know leverage every beat of our heart beats that tell us that we are alive.

We are going through different stages according to the roles that we play and give you life; Since then, each one of them involves testing, experiences, learning. Emotions, feelings that we give them dynamisms, physical and psychic energy, which we must know manage, handle are manifested at every stage. In this regard, Paulo Coelho gives us some thoughts, valid reflections to be considered pro determine our role, scope, impact at every stage of life in which we act. So it tells us, that it is always necessary to know when just a stage of life. If it insists to remain therein beyond the time needed, is lost the joy and sense of the rest closed circles or closing doors or closing chapters. As you want to call, it is important to close them, letting go moments of life that are closing down. We cannot deny that day by day, year after year that we remain, we face facts that we must know how to handle in order to avoid that the suffering, dependency, negative emotions, everything that is generated from the different roles that we play, we act, manifests from home, work, friendship, marriage, love, among others.

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