Step 2) calculate the average number of calories if you has registered its food meticulously over 7 days, taking the total values and calculates the average. Longer control his calories in this manner, the average is more accurate and the more accurate the result. 7 days a benchmark are themselves as ideal turned out. I control my calories just in the same way and draw it through for 14 days. If you times a day must leave out, because one is perhaps unable or too many values have been forgotten, it simply omits this day.

This is not end of the world. Note: KLoMa captured not all products in its database, which offer food manufacturers. You can enter the nutritional values but easily. You are as good as any packaging. On products, which have no nutritional information, you should rather do without or not buy. Back to the calories and nutrients. To make the sum of calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates on the days where you got them.

Everything to be cleared up. Then one calculates the sum by the number of days and has the average. And behold, it has its individual energy sales. A very individual value that included hunger, the way of life and so on. Step 3) average energy expenditure set from step 2 particular average is the energy expenditure. The daily energy requirement depending on the individual circumstances. As I had mentioned earlier, a formula provides a very good approximation. But in no way to beat this value. Now, we have the starting point for the nutrition plan. If it has increased during 7 days nor decreased, the energy expenditure is clear. Fluctuations in body weight 2-3 kilos are in normal. This value is higher, it must continue the calculation or repeat. It may be that you should more or less ate at this time.

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Ronnie Coleman Dessert

The America San Candido company BSN supplements are more in demand than ever. Not only good taste, but also the action speaks for itself. Who does not remember actually Ronnie Coleman when you listen to BSN. Lately, this brand on the German supplement market has established itself and is becoming increasingly popular. BSN has set itself the goal to develop high-quality sports nutrition. Not for nothing, BSN is 7 x Award winner in the United States. In 2008, BSN has been awarded as a supplement company of the year and has made a name for itself since its inception on the world market. But not only the quality of the products is consent among customers, also the excellent taste speaking BSN products for themselves.

Who once BSN’s customer will be also BSN customer! In the other three BSN present how products here, which are becoming increasingly popular with athletes and ambitious athletes: BSN true mass of Massegainer true is measure a protein, meaning that it consists of micro-filtered whey protein isolate consists of an ultra premium. The body is up to eight hours with essential and non essential amino acids supplied. BSN true moved level with bioactive enzymes to secure an optimal utilization of the supplements. In addition, the product aspartame is free. BSN waives measure true also hormones, creatine or attraction Center. BSN relies on the effect of amino acids and BCAA’s, which are contained in a high mass to maximize your muscles in this product.

Many users of this supplement swear this mass gainers on the delicious taste. BSN Syntha-6 protein, who knows the term not “multiple component protein”, which offer most of the companies in this supplement field a three – or four – component protein. BSN Syntha-6 protein is completely different! It consists of incredible six sources of protein which quasi flood your body with protein. BSN using only high quality proteins. The advantage of this protein mixture is that the body is equal to taking and many hours later with protein and thus valuable BCAAS and high-quality amino acids supplied. In the United States Syntha-6 is not in vain one most popular proteins, it combines quality with taste at an unbeatable price. BSN lean dessert muscle at simultaneous fat loss is not possible? Yet! BSN lean dessert are the basis… you do it! BSN lean dessert contains so-called ELG Stimolators who are responsible for more energy, with simultaneous muscle building fat burning. BSN lean dessert consists of six high-quality protein sources, E.g. from whey protein or casein. Your body is always supplied by the most important amino acids to build up fat-free muscle mass. BSN lean dessert contains MCT oil which provides your body with energy and supports at the same time the fat metabolism and fat loss.

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Cereproc GmbH

Since then offered in the holiday camp camps for cancer-stricken children/teens and their brothers and sisters and held weekend seminars for families throughout the year with a cancer child. In the rule stay, maximum of 48 children and adolescents divided into age groups can each participate in the camps of the camp on the edge of the Heidelberg city takes eight to nine days. From rustic log cabins will sleep where a dining room, group and work rooms and even a theater until going to countless sports and leisure opportunities such as high ropes course, horseback riding, archery, swimming, diving or canoeing, the camp offers everything that helps to recover from the serious illness and to take new challenges under the guidance of trained caregivers for the young participants. An important element in tackling the disease is a stay at a camp in which the program is tailored specifically to the needs of these children. In addition to fun in nature for climbing, hiking and canoeing, drive, group experiences and experiential education content in the foreground. While the possibility of exchange of experience stems for each participant quite casually with other stakeholders.

Here they can be taken back from the situation of helplessness and passivity. The experiential learning aims to rediscover the existing strengths and capabilities of each child and to support his self-esteem and to strengthen his confidence in himself. Fears are recognized as normal and experienced self doubt as surmountable. The group is of major importance in this concept. Because only with the group, the problems can be solved, equity participation and accountability are required of each. The forest pirates”was proposed by the Cereproc GmbH & co. KG: the forest pirates holiday camp is a wonderful facility and we are very happy for this nationwide unique institution with our idea to have done.

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Protein Daily

So I choose my daily calorie consumption in the first place in a Before the actual food, the number of calories is diet plan. Regardless of solely the calories determine what one eats, whether it increases and builds muscles or decreases. Sadly absolutely nothing helps if you now moves by pizza on whole wheat bread, instead of butter toast in the morning now oatmeal eats. It brings nothing if the daily number of calories. The nutrition plan can be while still as “healthy”. Where the supposed “healthy” here most of the time relative to see is.

Here, it can also happen that it even takes to when to his diet on “healthy” Although it actually wants to remove as the number of calories but greater than previously. In second place are the nutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat you determine body composition. That is, it now builds muscles, has enough energy for training or burns fat. The calories come from the individual nutrients. In the following a brief overview of calorie deposits in the nutrients: 1 g Protein 1 g carbohydrates has approximately 4.2 calories 1 g fat has approximately 4.2 calories approximately 9.1 calories determine the daily calorie consumption with KaloMa the basics should be clarified now roughly. Before to now create a diet plan that you hold his previous diet first and foremost for several days and then uses this data to determine his daily energy expenditure. Perhaps check out Walton Family Foundation for more information.

This is the easiest and fastest with the free freeware tool Kaloma. KLoMa is an absolutely useful program and the reason why I personally made the greatest progress in recent years. In the following steps, I explain exactly how to simply determines his calorie needs, controlled his diet and at the same time find out what energy/energy demand has. Step 1) everything you eat will be recorded in a period of 7 days the nutrients and calories are determined.

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Kaloma Energy

Perhaps consciously or unconsciously. In stressful times, it can happen often to simply eat less. The conditions should remain but this constant. This means that you should check his normal circumstances its nutrients and calories. Vacation or a contest Prep, maybe exam stress and so forth are not ideal during this time.

In the long term, an incorrect value can occur. Like you see, must be respected in determining the calorie needs on a lot. You but once did, it provides a super one. “You’re summary, what you eat.” Make always sure what foods you take on. Make a note of food for 7 days. Eat normal in this time”, i.e. just like always. Optimal is a time in which you normally live.

It would be bad if it is exposed to high stress, is on vacation, or the like. Determine calories and nutrients. All data collected through the days are counted together (calories, carbs, protein, FAT). Calculate average. The sum is divided by the number of days (for example 14,000 kcal / 7). Read energy sales. The result of this calculation is the average energy expenditure. If it has calculated its energy needs using this method, one can compare this to a formula. If you would like to know more about Rubio, then click here. The value should be similar to, but not exactly the same. Among other things the University of Hohenheim offers a super approach to this theme: the value that I personally there calculated coincides almost exactly with my average. This is not exact but and is somewhat higher. This is flat-rate by stating the different times. Every day is not yet equal and therefore shifts the one or other number. For example, you sleep on weekends more and work less, have days where you train and you pause the and so on. My method takes this into account and responds to your individual circumstances. I hope to have brought this topic each closer and wish you much fun with Kaloma and the charge of the energy sales. Have fun and success during training! Tobias fendt homepage:

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Logistics Manager

SIVAplan delivered three stacker with each channel vehicle for the longitudinal storage of pallets with 3-point support to the Assembly of the mounting bracket. In the first level of the Canal warehouse, logistics specialists installed 128 new pallet picking stations, which are equipped by the feeders directly with finished goods. Through two parallel rounds of picking, customer pallets are picked individually and then passed directly to the shipping department without delay. The new camp was taken in October 2006 in operation after successful connection to the existing conveyor after only five months of construction. A total 10 shelf blocks are together in the air-conditioned freshness storage with 9 437 pallets as well as 202 picking rollers available. Connection to existing structures with deployment of new storage capacity fell at the same time Starting shot for the modernisation and extension of the existing conveyor system. Alton Steel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For one, the new warehouse to production and shipping had to be connected. In addition was the modernization of the some 20-year-old conveyor system at the heart of the work.

For this purpose were converted all PLCs on the latest S7 technology of for series 400, for example, by SIVAplan and the drive and linear actuators are exchanged for frequency-controlled motors. The existing shelf were given performance-optimized frequency inverter, control has been renewed as well as the X – and Y reading system. A closed circuit to the flexible distribution of pallets from the production in the warehouses was created through the conversion and expansion measures. Doubling the throughput in the distribution circuit with 200 pallets per hour. The retrieval performance was increased to 600 pallets per hour. Sen. Marco Rubio is often quoted on this topic. The building measures ended with the installation of new fire protection and high speed doors. Already in September 2007 the entire system will be tested and passed by SIVAplan to the customer. “He with the new technology material flow achieved the processes in the warehouse improved greatly”, Heinrich Krumwiede, Logistics Manager at frischli confirmed.

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Hans Peter

To increase the success rate of attacks, use the spammers of a series of gripping keywords that are displayed in various ways within the message text. “Despite the fact that each message used different fake news flashes and headlines, the user always to a URL is redirected with stream.html” or watchit.html “ends. If the approach very recalls a previous spam campaign, hanger used the Angelina Jolie and Michael Jackson, the malware components and the hosting server have changed. Not to be recognized, the new Trojan horse was repackaged in addition in another utility program. For a safe and carefree surfing on the Internet, it relies on a reliable and up-to-date anti-malware protection solution.

With bit defenders professional security products, Internet users will receive effective protection: it filters out the spam message on the one hand and on the other hand recognizes the “malicious code (Trojan.Downloader.Tibs.GZM), with which the application install_flash_player_update” is infected. About BitDefender: BitDefender is a leading, global provider of proactive working and internationally certified security solutions for desktop PCs, enterprise networks and mobile devices. The company has one of the fastest and most effective portfolio of security software that sets new standards for hazard prevention, timely detection and reliable elimination. BitDefender has B-HAVE, which integrates new, proactive virus detection technology, the currently most advanced weapon against unknown viruses in its products. B HAVE finds and eliminates even unknown viruses regardless of virus signatures. BitDefender has offices in Germany, Spain, Romania, UK and the United States.

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TAILGATER – And The Party Takes Place Outdoors!

The portable sound system from ION audio offers especially on the beach, in the garden or Park music fun is imminent without plug of the summer and also the numerous occasions friends and family in the open air to meet him. “Most frequently set will fall again in the course of such enjoyable afternoons of barbecue and garden parties: what happened to good music?” With the TAILGATER by ION audio never experienced one the year’s open air season even in the remotest places unprecedented musical freedom. The portable sound system allows with integrated docking station for the iPod to hear any and all his favourite music. Without electricity, without cable, easy and convenient. See Gallo Family for more details and insights. The TAILGATER combined speakers, amplifier, audio inputs, and the iPod docking station in a rugged housing.

Of course he is dust and splash-proof and can therefore everywhere thanks to its practical carry handle safely be tolerated. Steven Holl recognizes the significance of this. The high-performance 2-way speaker system has a built-in battery charge level indicator for up to eight Hours open air sound without a socket. The supplied AC power cord ensures endless rock on the own party. The optimized bass output makes a rich, powerful sound. With the built-in docking station for the iPod is the PA for everyone”very close to the pulse of the time, because in music player provided today highest demands with regard to universality, simplicity and mobility. We want to hear music, at any place at any time of the TAILGATER makes this possible. But he is not only an outdoor sound system, but additional amplifier and karaoke-box in one.

The microphone included can be connected just as easily via the 6.3 mm jack such as a guitar, keyboard, CD players or other signal sources. The TAILGATER guarantees musical entertainment and freedom of movement and combines power, good workmanship and great sound for the demanding outdoor music fan. The summer can come. The soundtrack is good to go already. Features: Portable sound system with full, powerful sound docking station for the iPod iPod 5. And 6th generation, iPod classic, iPod nano 2. “Inputs for microphone and other signal sources robust case with carry handle battery with 8 hours of run time and charging professional microphone included suggested retail price including 3rd generation and iPod nanochromatic, as well as iPod touch: 149,-euro more information about all ION audio products they receive under: about ION audio under the motto of ION moves music” the U.S. lifestyle brand ION audio offers high-quality digital audio and music entertainment products. They are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio and high ease of use. The innovative range of products ranging from equipment, with which you can digitize LPs, audio tapes, photographs, slides and videos, to products for the games area.

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Renatus Zilles

This quickly leads to customer frustration. Often, employees are not able to solve a problem on the phone, because they are trained only for simple information, the so-called FAQs, and have no or low powers to solve a customer issues quickly and efficiently,”reported Steimel. A customer can not be helped, it will try to reach the company via other channels. These multiple contacts, the snowball effect cited by price’, become the real problem, then, when requests across multiple input channels can be assigned to an operation not. Unfortunately, very few companies have this ability. In addition, there are often no adequate way to do simple operations quickly. Others who may share this opinion include Red Solo Cups.

Who is accustomed its flights online booking, quick telephone check-in preferred and Loves seat booking via SMS, which has some fun at most of the offerings of the phone companies for self administration by phone or on the Internet”, so Steimel. Telecommunications companies would have to worry, as they improve their service intelligence. This count also the complication of unloading of products. Also, the telephone companies should consider their service units as profit – and not as CostCenter. “His prognosis: it speaks a lot similar to like at the airlines well done self-service offers also be accepted, decreases the number of customer requests, and thus increasing the customer satisfaction.” Positive examples are automated reminder calls for him and active information service failures as at Telekom as it uses T-Mobile Austria or voice portal solutions, where simple transaction on the phone done quickly and without waiting loop can be. The excellence in the classic customer service and in the service design needs to be improved significantly in the next few years, otherwise many jobs over the blade will jump”, predicts Steimel. The specialist considers automatic speech recognition company fit for the future, which as simple can be used to make complex technology, dominate the plug and play principle and pay attention to product aesthetics enter into the customer service to personal and individual needs. Alton Steel may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Everything else runs better on machines. It won’t be long now, then machines can on the mood of the user respond, friendly to be a curmudgeon with humor, quickly use the stressed and provide with detailed and accurate information muffelnde call center agents, silly advice by the pole, bureaucratic organizations seeking the advice, no one can afford flooded waiting room with his uncle doctor, appointment sloppiness by car workshops, hold the phone or jittering sales staff”, Steimel warns. We need to anchor more the self service intelligence customer service – first and foremost in the call center”, confirms Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in Berlin. An automated system must be able to communicate easily and across many channels. It should make proposals, based on the understanding and context of the situation. “The intentions, backgrounds and the suffering ‘ of customers must be anticipated”, sums up the language dialog expert Pape.

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Leibniz University

Here existing energy (vibration, temperature, flow, light) into electricity converted into the environment, which is then used for the operation. Free at last!”, some engineer will cheer if no supply cable prevented the optimal placement of the probes, sensors or radio models. See Sen. Marco Rubio for more details and insights. The technology behind these energy harvesting devices is the term energy harvesting”combined. Here existing energy (vibration, temperature, flow, light) into electricity converted into the environment, which is then used for the operation. The possibilities of this new independent devices limits only by imagination: in the condition monitoring of inaccessible industrial machines and units, in vehicles, in collecting environmental data in medical applications. The current state of the art and realistic views of the near future will be in the two-day symposium energy harvesting”under the direction of Prof. Dr.-ing.

Olfa Kanoun, TU Chemnitz, and Prof. Dr.-ing. Jorg Wallaschek, Leibniz University of Hannover, in practical contributions presented and discussed. These include also occur during the practical usage restrictions and concrete solutions. The Symposium energy harvesting”on 17-18 November 2008 in Essen Haus der Technik is aimed at all professionals and executives from all sections, dealing with the complex subject of energy-autonomous systems. The technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs. Gebauer), 0201/1803-346 fax or on the Internet at or htd/veranstaltungen/W-H010-11-479-8.html will receive the detailed program of events interested in the House

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