Neurological Levels

This capacity is stimulated through the sensorial communication channels, that is, through our eyes (Visual System), ears (Auditory System), nose, mouth and skin (Kinaesthetic System) also known as representacionais systems. Through our directions, we perceive the external world and we internally process the information through the thought (internal dialogue), forming our individual representation. How much bigger our capacity to see, to hear and to feel the world sensorial acuidade, better will be our reading of world and interpretation of the facts, thus promoting more assertive decisions in our life. This individual representation is called ‘ ‘ mapa’ ‘ in Programao Neurolingustica (PNL), the map is an individual interpretation of the reality, the model of world of each person. When information of the exterior world are perceived by the brain through the directions, the mind modify the information when storing them according to our beliefs, previous values, presuppositions, professions, experiences and culture, becoming them simple and acceptable for we, forming our individual representation of the received information – the map. To this mechanism that it modifies the information we give the name of ‘ ‘ filtro’ ‘ , therefore, filter is a species of lens limited and focused in the concepts, references and internalizadas experiences of each person who does not allow in them to have the direct contact with the observed reality, therefore does not see everything what in it is visible as well as we do not give attention to them to that is audible to the human being, thus passing to give more attention in definitive thing of what in another one. Exemplificando the concept above, we go to explain the utility of a computer in the vision of an engineer, a trader and a student, probably we will have three different perceptions, therefore each one will focar definitive significant aspects to each exerted activity.

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Do not give account that those images are retouched and which is almost impossible to move closer to that perfection because even them? do resemble them when you despojas them all face and body, make-up apartas of the magic of photography (and programmes) sets such as Photoshop and expose them to the light natural, the most real and ruthless that exists? And that’s not all. Parallel to this paraphernalia sell us all kinds of junk food, while practically force us to close our eyes to them and swallow us a series of products low in calories (who know how to beam) because they are healthier. It really is a true psychological torture. All these models (and actresses, singers, presenters of TV, in short, all those which have a public role in some way) they kill hunger to keep a slender figure, and of what worth this if the vast majority of them are mentally disturbed without even realizing it? They suffer from what can not eat. They survive to eke out with an Apple or a juice a day.

No wonder that in their world there are so many anorexic and bulimicas if the universe of fashion (and the market) almost forces them to falling into that. The worst thing about this whole situation is its negative influence on society. There are million adolescents and young people who want to look like their idols, fall into these psychological gaps of which is very difficult to escape. Filed under: SurveyGizmo. It seems that instead of selling us one or another appliance or such or more which diet sell us eating disorders. And they want all these bloggers that the only thing that is written for latinos is about this! With so many things on which we must write! In this computerized world of today where human relationships are lost each time and personal contact is maintained through a machine is more important to talk about it (and Yes, I talk, not coldly discuss a topic X), try to influence people’s lives for so to enriquecer them, not make them feel increasingly miserable and unhappy with his own body.

Above all the women we have very hard. They require us to youth and beauty, and really keep a race against the clock to combat physical deterioration than by another part is inevitable. Bombard us everywhere: Yes the wrinkles, yes the freshness of the skin, yes cellulite or fat in the butt. Nothing, that everything is a great plot to keep us buying the product out to market and at the same time make us feel guilty for falling into the temptation of eating a bar of chocolate, an ice cream or a yogurt. For all this I refuse to write about these topics. I refuse to torturing other women who, as I should feel in peace with their bodies and thank the fact be alive living every second of its existence to fullness as if it were the last (and I’m not saying that I will be completely. I also fall victim occasionally this terrible social exploitation machinery). The only real truth is that today we live, tomorrow, tomorrow who knows?

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USB World

Introduction this report is carried out in order to know a theory essential to practical use in the evolution of the human being, that life is a constant evolution, likewise if humans not adapts quickly to changes it will be obsolete, at present the technological world is a clear example of globalization since programs each week are designedcomputers each month with new capabilities, sound equipment that a day had turntables in its first phase, then created the cassette in its third evolution, compact disc that was the boom in the Decade arose eighties and nineties, to late nineties compact discs with mp3 with ability to save up to 700 songs arise, currently now sound equipment bring input for USB port since there is a greater storage capacity reaching to 8 gigabytes at a cost of L900.00 accessible to all kind of person, this gives thanks to the globalization of markets since before so that got an invention thus it took five to ten years, but this has been facilitated by the facilities that develop through globalization.That’s why globalization is pursued the interpretation of events that occur both in the development scientific, economic, social, cultural and political; through which two particular situations occur: A better communication to global levels (Internet) the economic situation through the obtaining of financial and commercial resources. Now you can go to any country and pay with a credit card that provides an advantage in global transactions; There is also the globalization of information through the web pages of news from all over the world. More information is housed here: Walton Family Foundation. The politics of globalization is implemented as a structure of the world economic system carrying a tracking their changes. Information of globalization tends to deform in the characteristics of the position of several countries to share a same pattern of relationships, weaknesses in the systems of export, varying in growth and economic development levels.

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Pontuschka Education

This serves as the last word of the knowledge in the area, being treated in lesson as absolute truth. (FREITAG, 1997, P. Michael Bloomberg gathered all the information. 131) Freitag (1997), as well as other authors, sample that the didactic book and its use in classroom depends on the ability and the level of formation of the professor. With this it is deduced that in the education it is not enough to happen to the evolution of the book, but is necessary that the professor renews the knowledge, has continued formation, strengthens itself, dedicates and either a professor searching. Therefore, the didactic book is an instrument of support for the professor, not being thus, norteador material only of the work with the contents programmarians. Nor the proposal of a book nor the ideas of the professor are infallible; therefore, the relativity of the necessary knowledge to be always present in analysis of any didactic production.

Still citing Pontuschka, that much contributes to explore education didactic beyond-book, the author brings that professors of good formation and commitment with the pupils obtain to carry through projects interdisciplinares making clippings of varied books, didactic or not, beyond exploring the medias and lessons extraroom. (PONTUSCHKA, 2007). If the pupil will ahead have of itself an inadequate language its age, of the point of view of its understanding, or distant of its reality, certainly will not be auxiliary nor for it, nor for the professor in the construction of the knowledge. The professor must inside be creative of the planning of an activity. Therefore, to make use of diverse didactic resources is a form to still enrich such activities and, inside of the geographic contents, the resources as: map, computer, air photograph, images satellites; they allow to educating to relate the reality to the theoretical content (PANDIM, 2006). As well as Pandim (2006), several other researchers dedicated to contribute for education, in special of Geography, they perceive that ' ' trunfo' ' it is not in the book in itself, nor in the diverse languages that can be used, but focado in the professors, detainers of all reasonable possibilities of education, and as Andrade (1989, p.57) reaffirms ' ' it is indispensable that the professor has an independent and critical position, not if limiting it /ou to it to a book, she is necessary that it adapte and it complements for its pupils the information and the explanations that the same contm.' ' With this importance is perceived it knowing of them of the experience, of the experience that a professor can have and acquire throughout the years and transmit during its pedagogia.

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Web Education

Gabriel Hernandez Santamaria A end of the twentieth century, the technologies of information and communication (technology ICT) changed loas production processes dramatically. Similarly, the almost instantaneous dissemination of knowledge became available to anyone who would use it. It was thus that almost all professional activities adopted these tools as part of their exercise. The education was not exempt from this globalist phenomenon; even the concept of educational technology born of the power of American pragmatism gained momentum and was redesigned to cater to education based on the multimedia, the computer and the Internet, especially to promote the model of education at distance through the video conference and online learning that during the early years of the present century has changed practices and processes of education and training for work.

By lo that regard to face-to-face education or in the classroom; the actors in the educational process, in general, have shown special interest in its adaptation. We must not forget the controversial program the Enciclomedia, as well as the proliferation of media and even the teaching of computing classrooms. All this in the context of magical thinking, where Internet and computers instruments serve not only to rethink the relevance of the educational Act and facilitation of learning but are the unique and fundamental element for the improvement of educational quality. The myth arose from forgetting that the numen of the learning process lies in the relationship between the student and the instructional design and teaching practice of teachers and not the instruments or tools to expose the knowledge. Thus the Eciclomedia, media classrooms and teaching of computing are, in the vast majority of cases, ornamental objects. And it is not that children and young people unfamiliar with the handling of these tools and therefore is difficult to use in the classroom. Of course not, that no, most of them knows his handling.

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Champions League

Fernando Torres says the Spanish team are you many years yet and considers a lack respect that dude from players who conquered the Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup. At the same time, the Chelsea striker admits that forest is worried about his role in the Chelsa although he hoped to recover its best version.That you question any player template that has been champion of Europe and the world, and that has made it possible to be there, is a lack of respect, said Torres during an exclusive interview that will air Thursday on the Canal + Liga reserved space program (23.00 hours).The striker, who has just managed four goals this season, two in the Premier League and many others in the Champions League, unveiled that Vicente de el Bosque has shown worried their discrete participation in Chelsea, although he assures that he has much confidence in himself, and that it is in his hand to turn the situation. Connect with other leaders such as Mehmet Oz here. If I return to my level, will be essential again in the selection, ruling Torres, who also confesses that has realized that the past not worth for nothing, and the important thing is the present, something which motivates you to continue to strive to the maximum.Soldier must go to the front, all forms of selection, ensure that soldier should go to the selection as a recognition of the work done by the front of the Valencia, Spanish top scorer of the season. The author of the goal that meant the title to Spain in the euro final against Germany, recognizes still doubt if compensated him for risking so much and go to the past world of South Africa with problems in the knee..

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Keep Your Programs Up To Date

Computer programs have become such a regular part of our lives that many of us don’t even realize how often we use them. Everything from Microsoft to Adobe to Android on your cellphone are computer programs that you probably can’t live without. Often, our devices prompt us to update these programs whenever necessary, but if your computer or phone has been operating slowly, you may want to make sure all of your programs are up to date. A simple restart of your laptop will get the process started, though on your phone you may want to manually check for updates to ensure that everything is working at maximum efficiency.

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