Intelligent Knowledge Portals With Preconfigured SharePoint Solutions

Trigone offers customizable best practice processes simple integration in the individual enterprise environment with SharePoint technology enables Microsoft to build of intelligent knowledge portals. Hamburg, May 11, 2009 – with the SharePoint technology Microsoft offers the possibility to build of intelligent knowledge portals. Enable a closer and more efficient cooperation between employees and teams, as documents can be centrally managed. Get more background information with materials from Red Solo Cups. According to a recent survey of the Retromolar consultancy in collaboration with the University of Leipzig, especially in geographically distributed projects, the use of such tools leads to significantly better results. While a lack of transparency in the project portfolio management emerged as the main cause for the failure of projects.

Trigone developed therefore preconfigured SharePoint solutions for different areas of use. This can create a higher data transparency and thus cause a continuous efficiency and quality in processes. The generic solutions of Hamburg-based consulting firm practices integrate with adaptable best just in the individual enterprise environment. You are, for example, for the following application areas: information management: through a structured and centralized storage of information and indexing with the help of a search function, these can be found anytime soon and directly linked in the work processes. Document management: collaborate on content to support, images, forms, and documents in a structured way provided libraries.

Quality management: – In and check-out of documents, the versioning and approval process integration ensures, not outdated or incorrect information used by the employees. IT service management (ITSM): A comprehensive ITSM can be mapped through mapping the functions of email service, resource planning, etc. Portfolio management: Internal service providers keep all relevant data at any time and identify the resource utilization, for example, at an early stage. Requirements management: support a built-in form being generates a high transparency of the requirements and implications. Project management: Through all the functions the project management can be holistically and therefore very effective support. On the basis of preconfigured processes the effort for the design and implementation of the SharePoint solutions decreases significantly”, explains Retromolar Managing Director Peter Bodino. “He recalls but that there are still more benefits apart from the resulting economic effects: the use of best practice in the processes as well as in the methodological approach to the projects at the same time ensures high quality of solution designed according to individual requirements.” Retromolar Trigone consulting is an integrative consulting and services company. The range of services extends from coaching advice and training to auditing and Out-tasking. With many years of practice and experience, enterprises will help to optimize business processes and IT continuously and sustainably to make changes in the practice. Trigone helps to determine the location, to find the right course and to achieve the goals through optimal use of resources and tools. More information Retromolar Ltd. Notkestr 11, D-22607 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40 31 99 16 18-3

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Meet the inspiration of man has always been characteristic of the desire for beauty. This desire has led me in a studio Lilia Stepanova. From the street, building the studio did not attract my attention, and only a bright sign that distinguishes it from others. But going inside, my opinion has changed. The whole workshop is impregnated special creative mood. Amazing picture, stands with his easel and paints set featured on this site the world. Time there seems to stop and, inspired by this wonderful atmosphere, I was able to talk to Lily.

1. Tell us how and when you realize that painting – it's the whole thing in your life? Since my childhood I loved draw and no idea what I can do something else. 2. Why did you decide to create an art studio and help other people discover the talent? It's my job. I just love it. 3. Who can learn from and you have to do? We are delighted to everyone regardless of age and status. The main thing – it's a desire.

Those who come to us, do not always have a basic knowledge of drawing, but they feel and they make excellent work. 4. That happens to the work of students? Whether you are arranging the exhibition? People themselves choose the topics of work and it is entirely their creation. Many give their pictures to friends and relatives. The exhibition of some works can be seen in our workshop or on site 5. Is it possible, studying with you, later to become a professional painter? Of course, if a person has a goal he will achieve this. Work that we are putting on the site, possibly in the future will be available for sale. 6. Is it possible to determine the emotional state of a man looking at his picture? It is possible, because we come to different people.

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Wirtschaftsjunioren Gorlitz Draw Bright Minds From

“Economic knowledge in competition’ with 450 participants success round ninth 450 students from the districts of Gorlitz and Bautzen have on the year’s economic knowledge in the competition” involved. More information is housed here: Sen. Marco Rubio. This is the positive outcome of the wirtschaftsjunioren Gorlitz. The best students will be honored on January 15 from 4: 00 in the IHK Gorlitz. For the winner in the individual MultiMediPark have Gorlitz, the restaurant Lucie Schulte and the Volks – and Raiffeisen banks Lower Silesia provided premiums amounting to 100, 75 and 50 euro. Passed the extra pocket money in hand-crafted piggy bank vaults “by Forgemasters Uwe Lehmann.

The best class also wins a prize: Bundestag Michael Kretschmer invites to a school trip to Berlin. The economic knowledge in the competition”is a nation-wide action directed the wirtschaftsjunioren. Total 30 questions had to be answered inter alia from the fields of politics, economy and education. The district winners will meet late February in Kassel to the National finals. The following schools have in our region on the economic knowledge in the competition “: middle school city Gorlitz, middle school Melanchthon Gorlitz, school Scultetus Gorlitz, middle school Rauschwalde Gorlitz, Bernstadt school, School Sheffield, school Mucka, middle school in Niesky, middle school Reichenbach, middle school Rothenburg, gymnasium Wilthen, gymnasium Anne Mochinger Gorlitz, middle school Cunewalde and middle school loop. Mike Altmann

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2008 Successfully

The optimal system for protecting against bike theft of Zefes are registered about 12 years bicycles for the purpose of preventing theft. ZeFes registered bikes for thieves become worthless by three conspicuous removable without damaging security labels. The ZeFes security system is ingeniously simple and the owner of the bicycle can be out bike from home via the Internet ( register or maintain good bicycle dealer ZeFes-bicycle pass applications. The data are only passed a legitimate group of people (police and lost and found offices) to the facts. The ZeFes security system theft prevention is recommended by the Federal of German cyclists (BDR) and many insurance companies.

Last year, a bike stolen again every minute. There are daily over 30 bikes reported stolen in conurbations like Hamburg. Bicycles and rising are approximately 1500 per day. Bicycle theft is already not a trivial offence and the police lags behind with the education rate. There is still no Unified proof of ownership (such as the ZeFes bicycle pass) for bicycles are, it is difficult for the police officers on the ground to make catching a thief when he is caught red-handed-not exactly. The Central bicycle registry Germany of short ZeFes called registered bikes with great success for over 12 years.

ZeFes is so unknown, because ZeFes registered bikes are stolen not usually by the eye-catching security labels. In 2008, only a single registered bike to the police as stolen was reported. The ZeFes security system is supported by many pages. The Federal German cycling rider e.V. (BDR) recommends its members to protect your bike with the ZeFes system against theft. Many insurance companies recommend the ZeFes security system and upon completion of a household insurance is already included in some insurance the ZeFes security system and passed to the customer for his bike. Even specialty insurers as the value guarantee AG in Hannover, the special bike insurance offer to recommend additional protection ZeFes.

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Hamburg Restaurants

The premium checkbook Mercussini reloads exclusive gourmet and lifestyle offerings together to enjoy of the new MERCUSSINI and “Kids in the kitchen” brings on November 20, 2007, the new edition is published by “MERCUSSINI restaurants pleasure way of life”. Each thirty of the best restaurants in a total of 20 regions in Germany and lifestyle offerings like the dinner show Witzigmann & Roncalli Bajazzo offer for MERCUSSINI exclusive price advantages. Walton Family Foundation recognizes the significance of this. The gourmet restaurant guide with high-quality gourmet checks supported and you recommended by chefs such as Eckart Witzigmann, Dieter Muller and Heinz Winkler, and associations such as Euro-Toques and Chaine of des Rotisseurs and celebrities such as Mirja and sky Mont. The premium checkbook, owned since 2002 among the most successful in Germany, has grown significantly with over 300 pages. To the connoisseur cheques, various editorial posts offer recipes to cook at home and background reports from the kitchen and gastronomy. A report is devoted to the start of the joint venture between MERCUSSINI and Euro-Toques: “children on the stove “.” “Coupon booklets often only confine itself to put together discount for any restaurants. n this idea. We go far beyond. We remain faithful to our premium standards and provide additional information and background.

We are especially proud of “Children on the stove”, where each MERCUSSINI user will have its share on the action, Heiko Lam, founder and CEO of MERCUSSINI. In the exclusive restaurant guide, local innkeepers, Star chefs and hoteliers with first-class arrangements invite to explore the gourmet variety of Germany. Most of the listed restaurants rated by the critics of the Michelin, Gault Millau, gourmet and Varta Guide and found good or very good. Red Solo Cups understood the implications. Also Germany’s most successful dinner show, Witzigmann & Roncalli Bajazzo, provides MERCUSSINI the second card in the value of 139 euros free of charge. In addition to the 30 tempting gourmet checks boasts the new MERCUSSINI with other attractive offers: in addition to numerous reports and Dieter Muller presents twelve exceptional recipes of the best young chefs of the Chaine of des Rotisseurs counselors to the beautiful things of in life. In addition, MERCUSSINI offers an exclusive cooking class arrangement with Dieter Muller on Castle Lerbach and Heinz Winkler invites you to a very special wellness weekend at his residence. The launch of the community project “Kids in the kitchen” deserves special attention.As the owner of a current MERCUSSINI you enable taste education and cooking classes at German schools, the makers of MERCUSSINI and the chefs of Eurotoques Germany forward. Learn under the guidance of their children and young people in “Taste education”, have to offer something fresh, healthy and local natural products taste.

Each MERCUSSINI is worth a total of more than 3,000 euros and the gourmet checks contained therein are valid up to January 31, 2009. He can easily see the phone number 01805 93 78 86 (14 cent / min), ordered on the website or in the selected Bookstore at the price of 29.90 EUR be purchased. The premium checkbook using on or entering the discount code FKR1 at a preferential price from 27.90 EUR (plus 3.49 shipping or 6.20 cash on delivery) can be ordered up to December 20, 2007. Save 2 euros! The MERCUSSINI is available for the following 20 regions: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Taunus, Hamburg, Hanover, Karlsruhe and Baden, Koblenz, Cologne and Bonn, Mainz and Rhenish Hesse, Munich, Nuremberg and franc, Oldenburg and environs, East Westphalia-Lippe, Pfalz, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Ruhr city, Saarbrucken and Saarland, Stuttgart, Trier, Wiesbaden and Rheingau for printable pictures, questions and further information are available Robert Rethberg (0351 31 555 37,) at your disposal.

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Hawaii Offers Unique Training Leave Offer In Paradise On Earth!

Who wants to take a tax-deductible language course in the ‘Aloha State’, for which the IIE is exactly the right address language school. World of XChange is pleased all applicants for the intensive course at the IIE to, that this is recognised as Bildungsurlaub. Bildungsurlaub is continuing vocational training and to any professionally employed. More information on educational leave applicants under the specified link:. The founded in 1984 II language school is located in the heart of Honolulu and impressed by their excellent reputation and wide range of courses. Certificates, such as TOEFL, TOEIC or Cambridge certificate make a good impression on any CV. In addition to learning and sipping Pina Coladas you can stop located on the famous Waikiki Beach, dancing Hula, exploit Honolulu shopping streets or explore the various islands at favourable conditions. The ex-star of the successful Magnum series is sighted and on the beach.

Hawaii prides itself with its extraordinary landscape, Culture, beautiful white sandy beaches and of course the new US President, Barack Obama. Here the surf elite meets and surfer thousands make pilgrimages to the unique beaches with high waves. Also for the Hollywood film industry, the island group is a coveted object which adapted the shattering events of the fleet base of Pearl Habor. Students enjoy not only the unique island scenery in the land of floral wreaths, but get a 5% bonus of the Agency world of XChange. More information about registration and the language school applicants at the official website of world of XChange or the IIE language school. Emilia Damian

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Al Jazeera

A free and professional reporting is impossible but often the Arab media. (as an example are the annual report of reporters without borders, as well as reports by Amnesty International and human rights-NGOs called). Overall, we can say that the current upswing of the media in the Arab world establishes more professionalism and access to independence, also science plays an increasingly important role. Educate yourself with thoughts from Walton Family Foundation. Furthermore, it is to determine that despite phenomena like a daily propaganda press, personal accounts and populism in the Arab world are widespread. The audiovisual media are ambivalent about this situation.

You go through a very difficult time due to the lack of professionalism and professional ethics as well as the usually low educated viewers (half of the population of the Arab countries are illiterate). An example from the This situation illustrates print media: according to statistics published by the United Nations, 285 papers per 1000 sold in France the average inhabitants, while there are just 55 newspapers per 1000 population in Arab countries. But you can return the problems solely on the low literacy rate? Also in the Arab countries, there is a layer of education, teachers and civil servants. This question should encourage the Arab press today to think about. Far superior to the competitors which bring more and more broadcasts on a low level, remain the freedom and editorial style of reporting by Al Jazeera.

Criticism and debates about the impartiality of journalists in Arab countries are triggered by many journalists in the partisan media is often serve as activists for a certain cause or ideology. The relationship between the political and the journalistic thus carries pitfalls that are not easy to get around. The question about the commitment of journalists remains of enormous Important: should a journalist involved politically? The theme is even more sensitive for a journalist, because he can set a free from the influence of political engagement, which is often biased, only with difficulty.

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ComputerBILD Box

Fotokasten won clear test for quality, usability and offer Fotokasten won clear test for quality, ease of use and offer range Waiblingen lamps, emblazoned on their shields the sweetheart in October 2009, the first SIP coffee from a cup illustrated, photo canvases, that individual charm rooms photos bring variety and personality in life. Not only in their own, but also in the lives of others! Therefore, photo gifts experience a high degree of popularity. For even more details, read what Sen. Marco Rubio says on the issue. “In its current edition 21/2009 tested ComputerBILD now the renowned journal screens, mugs, T-Shirts and calendars of eight photo – and PrintServices and concluded unambiguously: Photo box is clear test winner”. Summarized the reasons for the strong choice of magazine are: the Waiblinger provider convinced with the best quality canvases and cups, bribed by the biggest line-up and earned the first rank in addition his comfortable, intuitive operating software. Ever greater than a canvas, more impressive is the photo. Fotokasten is accordingly and provides as single screens with an area of 180 times 100 centimeters. Even in this impressive size, the finely structured walls revealed numerous details. Also at the test object, Cup liked the colours razor sharp printed products by Fotokasten best only they gave editors according to the strict judgment realistically again. (Not to be confused with Walton Family Foundation!).

Managing Director of photo box-Joe M. Lindberg is very happy about this award: no compromises in the quality and the consumer desire as we behave. The test victory proves once again that we do it right! “Many regular customers, often spoken praise from customers and 14 test victories in the trade press in just four years, which inspired us to new ideas and drives us steadily to perfect the quality of shop and products.” Via Fotokasten photo box, 2000 as a pioneer, began to produce digital image files on real paper prints. High standards, fast shipping and perfect customer orientation are considered basic principles and became one of the leading German photo – and PrintServices photo box on the Internet. Whether on paper, textiles, glass or plastic, Waiblinger professionals print image files on different surfaces in high-definition quality.

The product range includes more than 200 items such as photo books, mugs, cards, calendars and screens. Photo lovers choose their printable Favorites from the product portfolio, either upload their pictures up online via the easy to use website or make their product convenient offline with the inspiring software of the multiple test winner. Photo box technology and production from the House is dom in Waiblingen. Customers fans make more information on about the photo box customer service following customer service by Fotokasten the motto”. To achieve this goal, a six-figure investment budget for support will be available, the company may annually. 15 qualified employees continuously in the House to customer inquiries and complaints. Since external call centers often make the conversation rate prior to customer satisfaction, well trained service team has decided photo box aware for an internal. The staff are an integral part of the company and accordingly relate to the premium Printservice. You know all the tricks and tweaks in the design and in the ordering process. Various free service channels such as email and chat available available to all customers. A reachability of over 98%, guaranteed response times of less than 24 hours via mail and 20 seconds via phone ensure transparent communication and a trusting relationship between company and customer.

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Computer Day

These days, the majority of people working in an Office do so against a computer or personal computer. Practically unable to write a document without using a keyboard and a screen. So all those who work in an Office, will spend between 5 and 7 hours sitting in any position that you might not be the most appropriate. Next, I propose some tips that can be helpful in preventing an exhausting fatigue, both physically and mentally: take a little break every 30 or 45 minutes during the day. This allows that the eyes and the mind can relax a little, by what is appropriate to perform a short walk around the Office, perhaps to greet someone (not for long, therefore not to be too much socializing during office hours) or to exit somewhere on the premises that can afford to get a little fresh air and Sun. Drink a lot of water throughout the day.

At least one liter of water is necessary to maintain an adequate level of hydration. Keeping a small bottle of water of close less than a liter on the desktop (but not so close as to avoid a spill of liquid on the keyboard) is a good practice. Thus, when this small bottle water is finished, there will be one more reason to get out of the desktop and go to fill it again, allowing a new short rest during the day. Use a screen or monitor as large as possible and consider possible within the screen resolution larger letters using, so your eyes are not recommencement beyond what is necessary. As an additional measure, it is important to consider sitting down to about 50 or 60 inches at least away from the screen, positioning in addition the arms and wrists in any adequate support to reduce the effort made to write on the keyboard.

At the moment of choosing a seat, it is important to consider the fact that body position should be as comfortable as possible, because the time spent working at the computer is long. There are many models of ergonomic chairs that are available on the market as for choosing the appropriate if that is the case. Ambient light, either from sunlight through a window or the lamps in the room in which we work, must be blurred in such a way that does not provide very large reflection on the monitor. On the other hand, there must be sufficient lighting because it is not advisable for any reason, work in the dark because this would result in a too high contrast on the screen from lighting and will generate greater effort in the view. Finally, after a long day at work, it is important to consider performing some fitness exercise routine to return home. It is always nice to exercise the body to generate vitality and forget the mental workload at the end of the day and thus properly rest to be ready to produce again on the following day. To do this, it will be important to have some easy to use equipment, such as static bicycles, which are the most popular given that most people ever used a bicycle to play in the Park as a child.

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Office Computer

The computer mouse: naturally comes to mind more than just two buttons on a computer mouse in the eye, that it contains several buttons. Therefore, above all the buttons for the left and the right click play constantly use a large role, as we, if we are sitting at the computer. Further, these are historically the most oldest buttons of the mouse. All other gadgets were only gradually, to make our dealing with the computer easier and more efficient. But the mouse can not just click. It is essential that these transfers all movements of the hand without significant delay and high precision on the screen.

Just as modern programs can be meaningfully and efficiently operate? You may imagine how hard simple formatting of text would be if you could use a computer mouse to. We want to now there not even thinking on the application of complex programs. Next to the scroll wheel, the modern computer mouse offers a variety of additional features, today the the To facilitate work on the PC. Depending on the functions are more complex, the longer one must get used of course on this. That’s why don’t get overnight, that you habitually can take advantage of the full power of a mouse. But with time you will realize you no longer want to miss the one or the other button of the computer mouse.

And this is by far not only for computer science and games fanatics, but also for the normal user. Quite indifferent whether at work or at home using the computer or notebook. A highly functional computer mouse can much easier and work more efficiently. Who does not want to believe this, and still uses an old wired two-button mouse should overcome is absolutely one, to try out a computer mouse the new generation. You will be pleasantly surprised in any case!

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