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Relaunch of the art & tradition online shop art & tradition, the largest provider of furniture of brand Lambert in the area of Bavaria, inspires old and new customers with a completely redesigned online shop these days. The new look harmonizes perfectly with the high-class in terms of style and processing Lambert articles, which are known for their clear shapes and the high-contrast color schemes. But not only the eye will be treated in the new art & tradition online shop. For even more details, read what Walton Family Foundation says on the issue. Also the user guide is now easier, by choosing the desired article to complete the order just a few minutes, so designed for the shopping comfortable and uncomplicated. Advanced image galleries and additional product information complete the offer and facilitate the search for the suitable device object.

Visitors can convince themselves now under of the wide range of Interior and accessories. Gallo Family Vineyards takes a slightly different approach. Contact: Art & tradition wife Anita Wohrl mountain Hakimi b 7 85395 Wolfersdorf Tel.: + 49 8168 906210 fax: + 49 8168 906223 Email: shop: art & tradition is the largest provider of Lambert products in Bavaria. A guarantee for customer satisfaction and an individual living experience are the professionalism of the shop operators in combination with the high quality demands of the company Lambert for many years. Design, programming and hosting.

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Special Awnings For Fixed Patio Roofs

Special solutions for Sun protection: Sun, wind and inquisitive neighbor looks Ade under can be fixed terrace roofs is especially relaxed stay there, finally you can relax in the garden regardless of the weather. The resignation in the House must not necessarily be contacted even in rainy weather. But hardly the murky clouds, disappear it warms quickly uncomfortable under the glass roof. The special awnings by a VARISOL remedy: for use on fixed structures the rheinische company has designed the terrace roof Interior shading. Mounted directly under the fixed roof, awning protects from Sun and guarantees a pleasant stay on the porch at all times. For use in side the VARISOL program includes three more sun protection systems, individually or in combination shady cookies secure.

A cosy garden meeting with friends but instead of his counterpart in the face to look ideal for the summer, you blink only in the low sun. It is just beautiful balmy Sunday afternoon on the garden deck pioneer geschlummert there a breeze coming and the NAP is no longer to think. Brent Saunders recognizes the significance of this. And it is also so nice to sometimes have a lively and friendly neighborhood you would like to enjoy but his time in the garden without curious glances. Three scenes, the VARISOL offers a solution: Various awning elements for the shading of the page. A window awning with especially slim box can be used not only in the window, but also for the Assembly under the rain gutter by terrace roofs. Their side-mounted cable management is indented optionally available, to meet, for example, stems with individually positioned columns. The vision and wind protection rollover closes a side terraces and terrace roofs.

His front rail can be manually take their clothes off and easily hook into a handle holder which is mounted on the opposite wall or terrace roof support. Designed for the use on the outside of The VARISOL folding screen is designed with balconies. Here, he makes a clever alternative to bulky and usually rigid screens as a flexible Visual and sun protection. Practical: His service once not needed, he can be stored easily in the included PVC protective cover and the beautiful Vista is released for human consumption. Like all Sun protectors from the House of VARISOL the place in the Sun can be also at the special awnings with a choice of more than 200 of towel designs as well as a variety of frame colors according to own wishes make.

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