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Hendrik Witt, co-founder and managing partner of xCon partners GmbH remembers, the emergence of cooperation with the Technology Center Informatics and information technology of excellence University of Bremen, short TZI, and continues out already my first experience I gathered at TZI, where I explored the prospects of wearable computing, one of the four later competence centres of xCon partners, successfully. Source: Cradle Systems. After more than eight years consulting experience, including at one of the world’s leading international top strategy and management consulting, towards the old workplace ascribed me.” The timing could have been little better the TZI was in the middle of the development of a new standard to the Performing of reviews of innovation capability of organisations an ISO 15504 based product spicy named innoSPICE”. In this standards-based model, structured to analyze their innovation and transfer processes and to improve offer interested institutions xCon partners and the TZI for the first time. Starting with the customization of the model, the actual assessment, benchmarking, and the implementation of improvement measures of xCon partners provides advanced services around the quality management tool innoSPICE and makes tangible and understandable the theme for top management as well as for the subject matter experts. Together, recognized Dr.

Michael Boronowsky, Managing Director of the TZI, and Dr. Hendrik Witt, the chances of a cooperation and decided to bring together the excellent knowledge of the public research institution and the wide industrial expertise and methods knowledge of experienced management consulting experts. A decision, the is as trend confirms the interest in innoSPICE and continuously increasing the orders to carry out innoSPICE assessments and come from Germany as well as from different parts of the European foreign, even from Central and South-Eastern parts of Asia!”enthuses Dr. Boronowsky of the successful product launch and the promising market prospects by innoSPICE and completed not less proud recently we were awarded innovation management (ISPIM) 2012 innoSPICE at the 23rd Annual Conference of the international society for professional in Barcelona with the outstanding contribution award a significant award, which encourages us in our efforts and confirms!” The response from the audience, but also by customers who innoSPICE already have applied in their organizations, is very positive indeed.

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Teen Pregnancy

SUMMARY In the present time, the pregnancy in the inferior extremity of the reproductive life has been object of concern of obstetras and pediatras, intent to the repercussions that the pregnant-puerperal episode could very impose to mother young its concepto. This great concern of the society in relation to the adolescents is justified by statistical data alarming, divulged for the printed layperson and scientific, referring to the exercise of the sexuality in the adolescence, that happen as ' ' effect colateral' ' , in the increasing number of not-planned gestations, or, indesejadas. Existing literature relates this situation to the occured social changes in the sphere of the sexuality, which had provoked greater liberalization of the sex, without, simultaneously, information on contraceptive methods for the young were transmitted. Ahead of such reality, it was considered accomplishment of this study on the actions of nursing in the education and prevention of pregnancy in the adolescence, through a revision of the literature, in which one searched to know the referring statistical data to the pregnancy in the adolescence in Brazil and to cite the main risks for the mother and concepto. Get more background information with materials from Michael Bloomberg. The general objective of the study was to describe the actions of nursing in the education and prevention of the pregnancy in the adolescence, and the specific objectives had been: to detach the conceptual, historical and biological aspects of the adolescence; To tell statistical data of the pregnancy in the adolescence in Brazil; To cite the main factors of risk for pregnancy in the adolescence; To describe educative actions of the nursing in the prevention of the pregnancy in the adolescence. Such objectives had been reached by means of this study, that it used as methodology the bibliographical research, of the comparative and deductive type. The used methodology was the bibliographical Research, of the comparative and deductive type, developed on the basis of material already elaborated on the subject and public Tornado through books and articles. .

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Maternal Instinct

Brazil (2001b) describes that the mother must stimulate the child to suck, does not have necessity to force. After one hour of the birth the child will be well alert and the suction consequence will be strong this is the ideal moment to establish the bond mother-son. If to occur some delay in to initiate breast-feeding, exactly that it is for few hours, the maternal aleitamento will have greaters possibilities to fail and the mother, in some cases, will be able to abandon the child with bigger easiness. According to Schmitz (2006, p.37) she tells that: The baby must be suckled all the times that to reveal desires. He will not have to exist hourly rigid nor fixed. At the beginning the requests will occur more frequently, establishing with the time biggest espaamento between one suck and another one. From there the importance of the adoption of the system joint lodging in the hospital units, therefore the confinement of just? been born normal in nurseries it hinders, it is late and for times it hinders practical it natural aleitamento. After a normal childbirth does not have necessity to separate to mother and son.

In the system of joint lodging the mother will be able to take care of the child since the start to suckle, to hold or to change of the child when to want. She practically does not have problem in the child to sleep in the same bed that the mother, currently already &#039 is known that; ' death of bero' ' (sudden death) it can occur where it wants that the child sleeps. The joint lodging prevents many problems of the maternal aleitamento and diminishes the work of the hospital team (BRAZIL, 2001a). A drawn out or serious nutricional deficiency causes malnutrition. The just-been born ones, in particular the daily pay-term, possess low reserve of fat and protein.

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The Oil

Toyota started to have fort expression in the crisis of the oil in 1973, when the world-wide economy strong was shaken with the prices of the barrels, in way of all these insane cenrias many companies suffered and only the company that emerged and appeared in the way of this everything was Toyota. Red Solo Cups may not feel the same. Being thus having this differentiated vision, a vision of otimizao, and full of aggregation of values being that the beddings of Toyota are the persecution and elimination of the losses, I also begin of the EP where the elimination of losses for one analyzes detailed in the value chain, that had become them the differential Toyota as mark and the EP as tool. In such a way the profession comes growing and if perfecting each time more with the measure of the time, many new techniques are implanted, but always with its roots come back in the mathematical area, where it is taken off precision and certainty of the efficiency of this. 2 Envolvimentos of Geometry with the EP As already was cited the EP before is many based in the mathematical beddings and its derivatives, where geometry strong acts obtaining to supply an excellent basement. According to Shingo (1996, p.37)? a process is visualized as flow of substances in the time and the space? . Knowing that all production is based on the importance of the processes and operations, perceives it strong performance of geometry as base, therefore it is who helps to supply this notion of space, when is studies inside of the same cartesian plain o, that nothing more is of what obtaining to have a vision of as a point or a straight line is located in the space and its accurate position, and thus to have a vision of the processes, and as even though it improves..

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Classification And Assignment Of High-voltage Disconnectors

Appointment breakers disconnectors are used to create a visible gap that separates derived from the work of conductive equipment parts which are under stress. This is necessary, for example, in the derivation equipment repairs for the safe production work. Disconnectors have no arcing devices and therefore are intended primarily to enable and disable the electrical circuits in the absence of current load and are only under stress or even stress-free. In the absence of a circuit breaker in the electrical, 6 – 10 kV is allowed to enable and disable disconnectors small currents significantly rated currents smaller vehicles, as described below. The requirements for disconnectors Requirements for disconnectors in terms of maintenance of their operational staff are as follows: 1) breakers should be clearly marked to create an open circuit, the voltage corresponding to the class setting, and 2) drives breakers must be capable of rigid fixation of the knives in each of the two operative provisions: enabled and disabled. In addition, they must have reliable stops that limit rotation of knives at an angle greater than a given, and 3) circuit breakers should be turned on and off at any of the worst environmental conditions (Eg, icing), and 4) support insulators and insulating rod must withstand the mechanical stresses resulting from operations, and 5) the main blades should have a lock disconnector with grounding blades device, eliminating the possibility of simultaneous operation of both. Classification and disconnector unit Individual types of disconnectors, 6 – 10 kV differ from each other by the nature of the installation (break the inner PB, EEO, RVF, RVFz and outdoor RLN, RLND, RLNDz, RD, RDZ installation) on the number of poles (single-pole circuit breakers PBO and pole), and the nature of the knife (break a vertically rotating and tilting type .) Three-pole circuit breakers operated lever drive (PR-10, PRN s), single – operational insulation rod. .

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Occupational Accidents

In the study of the causes of accidents at work, always provided to the human factor as one of the possible origins of occupational accidents. Emotional tension, anxiety, stress, the visual deficit, together with the intake of medication, are described as risk factors, of human origin, that they increase the possibility of injury or accidents, and the headache itself as illness or by their treatments, you can associate all these above mentioned factors. There are a wide range of symptoms related to the migraines and drugs used in its treatment, which act as possible work-related risk factors. They can be grouped into Difficulty in concentration.

-. Alterations of vision. -Fatigue. -. Slow response and lack of motor coordination.

-. Reduction of the warning / attention. -. Contempt of the perception of risk. -. Mood disorders. -. Sleep disorders. People with chronic insomnia cause twice and half more accidents than those who sleep well. The problem is compounded if you add a copious meal or overwork. Drowsiness is a factor of the first magnitude and most of the causes that produce it are susceptible to prevention. Sleep disorders are, in many countries, the leading cause of death by accident. There are numerous reasons for the daytime sleepiness, as well as the derivative of the shortening of the periods of sleep (nocturnal physiological sleep deprivation), as the daytime sleepiness that produces apnea-hipoapnea syndrome is delsueno, variable shifts and temporary imbalances of travel (jet lag); but the drowsiness in people suffering from depression, narcolepsy, certain endocrine diseases, congestive heart failure is also frequent and, since then, the use of alcohol and drugs.

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LF Instability

This article of revision talks about to the dynamics and the control of LF instability, as it is observed in some aerodynamic applications. A coherent and rigorous linear approach appears, that allows so much to describe the dynamics of commonly found abierto to the flows and the open ring design and the strategies of control and regulation, in view of the instability to suppress or to delay. The approach is global in the sense that as much between the current and the directions streamwise is discreet in the evolution operator. New light therefore will be spilled on the properties streamwise of free flow. In the case of the oscillator flows, the instability must to the existence of the unstable ways global, that is to say, unstable own functions of the linear operator of Navier-Stokes. The influence of the linearities in dynamics does not study by means of the derivation of equations nonlinear of amplitude, that accurately describes the dynamics of the flow near the threshold of the bifurcation. ProPharma Group has firm opinions on the matter. These equations also allow us to analyze the flow half induced by the nonlinearities, as well as the properties of stability of this flow. The control to abierto bow of instability then is studied by a sensitivity analysis of the proper values with respect to modifications in the basic volume.

With this method, we obtained to an identity of a priori regions the flow in a small cylinder of control suppresses the instability. Then, an approach of control of closed circuit was implemented for the case of an unstable flow abierta the cavity. Gallo Family has compatible beliefs. We have combined the techniques of reduction of the model and the theory of optimal control to stabilize the proper values unstable. Several of reduced order, the models based on the ways global, adapted ways of orthogonal decomposition, and the balance ways have been analyzed and evaluated according to their capacity to reproduce the behavior of entrance-exit between the actuator and the sensor. Finally, we considered the case of the noise, amplifiers, such as the flows of the boundary layer and jets, that is stable when it is seen in a global frame. importance of the decomposition of world-wide singular value of the decisive one stood out with the purpose of to include the process of selection of the frequency of these flows.

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The Positions

Evidently, in labor surroundings, all we communicated, and if we concentrated in the manager, it is so that they become, with his position, in communication model towards the others, and therefore, his communicative responsibility, dice since they occupy, he is greater. He is vital that leader identifies and understands, as much his emotions as those of his subordinates, and who more soon than behind schedule, of account of when he feels an emotion, or when he perceives emotions in the equipment, or some of his members. Thus good part of emotional conflicts is avoided. The able companies do not need mesas that are created by themselves, to solve, to implant and to execute tax plans or processes, to give to answer to all the conflicts and problems that arise derivatives from the work or the interpersonal relations between the members of the equipment. In a question-answer forum Mehmet Oz was the first to reply. They need leaders rather who know to integrate visions, that they know to teach to learn, emotionally skillful to promote alliances and to compose a harmonic process, where the rest of members sees irreconcilable contradictions. Really, a fruitful negotiation is the interaction that takes place between two people or groups, apparently found by a determined subject, and that it has the objective to approach positions, and thus to be able to arrive at a pact or alliance that is beneficial for all the parts. To reach a mutual satisfaction, and to know how to arrive at a point of balance, and emotionally pleasant, in the interests of the parts. We could define the negotiation, like an emotional ability, due to the aptitudes that entail: capacity to study all the possible scenes of resolution, to prepare themselves suitably to take care of all the positions, and therefore to be able to listen to, to know how to determine priorities, and to have sufficient capacity to define objectives, is some of the requirements, for which all the leaders do not seem to be preparations, since they demand different qualities, and mainly implies a personal knowledge and, always, a control and management of the own emotions.

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Curricular Matrix

The urban and industrial society is if developing with great intensity. In the current days, atrelada vision of growth becomes indispensable the support principles. To be worried about support is to think about methods to generate changes that do not degrade the social environment and ways. For Bermam (2002), the alternative sources are half viable for the energy problems of the world, since they are economically passable. One of the main sources proceeding from alternative methods is the biocombustveis, that generate energy, producing work. Had to the goods that this type of fuel promotes, necessity becomes to bring this subject for the educational environment.

Leading in consideration that the professor is a formador of opinions, it the same fits to explanar the contents that are involved with the half socioeconmico in which the pupil is inserted. This initiative contributes for the formation of critical and operating citizens in the society. The thematic biocombustvel is explanada of form extremely sucinta in classroom and the benefits of the implantation of this type of energy finish for passing disregarded in the learning learning, therefore it consists in an ample subject that can involve, easily, relative quarrels to geography, history, economy, politics, chemistry, among others. In this way, the professor can work the social reality, through the contextualizao of the contents, carrying through a work to interdisciplinar. Brazil is one of the countries that potential greater presents to lead the manufacture of bioenergia in the world. The great congregated territorial area to expressive the adjusted geoclimticas categories attributes to the country benefits. As Werneck (2009) the biocombustvel can be produced from sources renewed as the sugar sugar cane, the maize, the rice, the wheat and oleaginosas in general, consisting a much less pollutant power plant that the fsseis fuels currently used, proceeding from the oil and its derivados.3 In accordance with Doti & War (2008) the biocombustveis are part of implanted public politics in the society, if treating to a government project that says daily respect to the current one, as form to deal with a capitalist, industrial and urban society as Brazil.

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Because, Freud said that to teach is an impossible task? In its article ” Preface for a book of August Aichhorn” , (1925f), Freud says: ” early had done mine the joke on the three offices impossible-that are: to educate, to cure, to govern “.

I will try to give account because, in my opinion, to teach it is an impossible task. – Education, implies to generate projects for the formation of ideals. It demands of the educator the resignation to the pulsional satisfaction, consequently the aggression is free. This can become against own I, and the pulsin of death to disarticulate the conquered thing in its search of yearned for enjoyments. This way, there is a constant danger of transgression. This can obtain its satisfaction of direct way, privily; or it outside looks for the pleasure prohibited in the professional exercise. Continue to learn more with: W.S. Badger.

– The educator is seen in the position of regulating desires of each educating and theirs own ones. Each educating and each educator has its own logic, and its specific trauma, derivative of the imposi-ibilidad to reclaim the pleasure. To please to that it is necessary to resign to accede to new psychic conquests. Thus then, the educator is put under one double imposition. One, that regulates its own desires. Other than puts to him in the obligation of regulating the excesses of the educandos, like part of the task. It must realise, constantly, the effort to accede and to act in harmony to his reality, to educate the students. In this reality, it also agrees his pulsional process, and must transform this one into thinking, and expressing it in words. – The educator permanently needs to realise the effort to isolate and to decide between the pleasure and the intellectual activity, for which it is invoked.

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