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3. Sony and Toshiba have decided not to come to an agreement on a single format drives. Few format war cost to participants as expensive as the battle of formats high-resolution discs. In one corner of the ring was Sony with its format, Blu-ray, and in another – Toshiba with HD DVD. If you are not convinced, visit Rubio. Since 2002 disputes between the two adversaries are not abated: every enlist allies in support of it is its format.

In 2008, Sony plunged the knife into the back of the enemy, "persuading" for $ 400 million of one of the most important supporters of HD DVD – the company Warner Brothers Studios – now support Blu-ray. Interestingly, in the mid-nineties, the same two companies fought for different video formats high resolution. Then the question was settled by combining the best features of both formats. The result is a Digital Versatile Disc (universal digital disc) or DVD. Having missed the opportunity to create a single format for high-definition discs, both the company suffered significant losses. A joined forces in 2002, today you can enjoy high-definition disc dominance in the market of video media.

Today, however, sold on 10 DVD-ROM drive has a disk Format Blu-ray, but the future belongs to video streaming and video delivery systems on request. 4. Microsoft, rather than Digital Research And this is a classic example. In 1980, when IBM was in search of a developer's disk operating system for the new PC IBM, the choice was not in favor of Microsoft. In fact, none other than Bill Gates has suggested the "Big Blue IBM to try his luck with Gary Kildallom (Gary Kildall) of the company's Digital Research, which was already the author of the operating system CP / M for microcomputers.

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