Drying Process

Used the substance giving the skin additional reliability and durability, helping to minimize quality variations that may exist between different parts of the skin. Staining. This process takes place by means of aniline dyes, derived from petroleum, which is being diluted with hot water is poured into a rotating drum, to infiltrate the skin to the desired color after staining of the skin is exposed fat impregnation. More fat – softer skin, this principle, which operates at this point. Please visit PI Industries if you seek more information. Layout. The skin is stretched and smoothed out.

Along the way, wring out the residue from the skin of moisture. Drying begins. The skin is stretched on a special frame, which slides in a drying oven. Kneading. The process of kneading gives the skin its former softness. Option – a dry dressing, the same, but with the use of technology.

The skin is placed in a special drum which rotates and until then, until the desired gain softness. Easy to polish removes imperfections, received during his lifetime. Finishing. In this process at the skin surface applied film-forming substances, or impose additional layers of pigments. Pressing (embossing). The final step in the manufacturing process of the skin. On the surface it is applied to the skin hot new face. Facial pattern and then emboss the surface to make up for what was lost when grinding. Categories skin Category A (high protection) – semi-aniline leather with a fully adjusted person. Has a lot of vices, and such skin is very thorough treatment of all irregularities of closed special sealer, dried, then sanded, filled pigment and again polished.

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